Wild Goose East Festival – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

As the Wild Goose East festival at Shakori Hills (outside Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina) approaches, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help attenders who wish to familiarize themselves with the event ahead of time.

We’d be happy to answer additional questions if you leave them in the comments below. We look forward to seeing you in just 16 days!

Q: How do I get to the site?

A: For directions to the festival grounds and general travel information about this region, please click here.

Q: What form of transportation is best for commuting from the airport to the festival grounds?

A: We recommend ride-sharing when possible. Feel free to post requests to share rides on the Wild Goose Facebook page or by tagging #WildGoose12 via Twitter (@WildGooseFest), but please note the festival is not liable for car pooling arrangements. Rental cars and taxis are additional options, although cab rides are likely to cost between $60-80 each way.

Q: I’m trying to get my head around how the grounds are laid out. Is there a map?

A: Yes! You can see the map of the festival grounds here.

Q: What does my ticket include?

A: Full weekend tickets include entrance to the festival site and admission to all performances and presentations. If you would like to camp on site, you need to reserve your lot here.

Q: How much is it to camp?

A: 10×10 spaces for tents are $10 and Vehicle Camping is $50 (Please note: this facility does NOT offer hookups or water tank refills, although a pumping service will be on site to handle dumping.). More information on camping can be found here.

Q: Are their showers on site?

A: Yes and, please note, there is a shower-access fee of $2 per shower.

Q: I’m not much of a camper. Where else could I stay?

A: We highly recommend camping as it allows you to experience the festival’s unique community beyond the performances and presentations. However, we’ve prepared a recommendation list for those who may prefer to stay in an area hotel.

Q: Is food available for sale on site?

A: Yes. You may opt to bring camping-related foods and snacks with you, but the festival will be served by a coffee barn and an array of food vendors offering a wide menu that includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free choices.

Q: What if I run out of money on site?

A: You will be able to withdraw money using a debit card transaction at the ticket booth or merchandise booths for a $3 fee. Limits may apply, pending availability.

Q: What should I bring along?

A: Both campers and non-campers are encouraged to bring along sunscreen and insect repellant, as well as hats, folding chairs or umbrellas for their own shade and comfort.

Small items like sunscreen, insect repellants and ice will also be for sale in the coffee barn in case you forget.

Q: Is firewood available for purchase?

A: Yes. It is $5 for a small bundle.

Q: If I need something, where are the nearest stores?

A: The nearest stores are in Siler City, which is a 20 minute drive.

Q: What about if I get hurt or sick?

A: First Aid will be provided by First Health of Chatham County. They will be on site during the weekend.

Q: What if I’m local or I’m staying off site and driving in for the festival each day?

A: You can park on site for $5 a day or $10 for the full weekend.

Q: Where can I get a program?

A: You can see the event schedule online here, but you will also get a complimentary program with ticket purchase. Replacement programs or souvenir program may be purchased for a small fee.

NOTE: We hope you find this information helpful. We would be happy to answer additional questions if you submit them via the comments on this post.

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  • Maryann Crea

    I recently broke my ankle and will be using a wheelchair to get around. What kind of handicap accomodations are available? My main concern is restrooms. Thanks!

    • wildgoosefestival

      Sorry to hear that, Maryann. We anticipate several guests who will be using wheelchairs on the grounds. Please contact jacobjkuntz (at) gmail (dot) com for more specific information about facilities.

  • Misty Sampson

    Must campsites be reserved and paid for now or will they still be available on the day of arrival?

    • wildgoosefestival

      Misty, you can reserve campsites on the day of the festival via the website, but you may want to book one in advance to guarantee you have one.

  • Joni Powers

    We are first time RVers on this. I know there is not electricity hookup, but will there be any provision for fresh water replenishment for the RV or for dumping during the festival days? Also is there ice available for purchase? Thanks!

  • wildgoosefestival

    Joni, great questions. Their will be a pumping service you can connect with on site, but they do not refill water tanks. Also, yes, you can purchase ice on site!

  • Eric McAnly

    Are campers allowed to bring firewood?

  • Mark Farmer

    Hi- Our tent is 11X14. Do we need to rent four 10×10 tent sites? Also, am just wondering if it will be possible to charge cell phones? Thanks!

    • Mark Farmer

      Okay, the tent turns out to be 10×14, so two sites will suffice.

      Would still like to know about cell phone charging, please. Thank you.

  • Angelica Amaya

    I can’t find info on how recycling and composting will work this year. I was unaware of it last year even. Where can we take our camp kitchen scraps, breakfast banana peels and the like?

  • Craig Widenre

    I bought my early bird tickets, but either I did not recieve them, lost them or I need to pick them up at the campgroumnd. Can you help me?

    • wildgoosefestival

      @Craig, the tickets were digital so you may need to check your email, but if you purchased it, we’ll be able to look you up by name. :)

  • Eric McAnly

    How close is the closest gas station and what is its address or phone number?

  • http://www.mankindproject.org Jim Lyda

    To the Goose staff:
    These FAQ should be made more visible on the Goose Website. After a search I located the link under “Blog” on the website. I, for one, would never think of looking there for information about attending.

    BTW: I’m an exhibitor and my organizaiton, ManKind Project, is a sponsor. We were there last year and had a wonderful time.

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  • Shobha Duncan

    We arrive in NC on Wednesday. Will we be able to set up our campsite and stay on site on Wednesday evening? Thanks, we are looking forward to the festival!

    • wildgoosefestival

      Yes @Shobha, you can arrive Wednesday night or early Thursday, but you will not be able to “check-in” officially until Thursday at 4pm. =)

  • Cassidhe Hart

    I purchased a camping pass, but I will also have a car. I don’t need my car at my campsite, but will I be able to park it elsewhere? Thanks!

    • wildgoosefestival

      Cassidhe, there is parking in a lot for $5 a day or $10 for the whole weekend if you so choose. :)

      • Cassidhe Hart

        Awesome. Thanks!

  • http://www.lagomlanding.org Laurel Nelson

    I hear it’s going to be HOT! Is there a lake/pond/creek around anywhere for cooling off, or will there be sprinklers going? I also wondered about fires, as others have asked, and maybe I missed the answer, but could you let us know about whether fires are allowed and will there be pits?

    • wildgoosefestival

      @Laurel, I don’t know of any water sources, but there is pump-able water on hand for cooling off during the day, as well as shaded areas and plenty of beverages. Fires are allowed in designated areas. :)

  • John Kent

    Re. the post and reply with Cassidhe: If I purchased a camping pass, does this mean that I also must purchase a parking pass, as well?

    • wildgoosefestival

      Hey John, cars will require parking passes. Obviously camping vehicles have their own lot and their parking is included in the pass.

  • http://www.beyondtheboxpodcast.com Ray Johnson

    I am going to be coming earlier than my friends who will be camping beside me. My question is will I be able to save a campsite next to mine for my friends who will be coming later in the evening?

    • wildgoosefestival

      @Ray, it is likely you will be able to. Please discuss this with the Park Rangers when you arrive.

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  • Beverly Hatcher

    I bought my tickets a few monthss back, but now discovered my husband can come for Saturday and Sunday only. I see that online tickets are no longer available. Can you tell me how much the tickets will be at the gate for Saturday and Sunday. Thanks, Beverly Hatcher

  • Rick Fannin

    Just became aware of this and can’t come this year. Will the Wild Goose return to Shakori Hills next year??

    • wildgoosefestival

      It will return to North Carolina, though the exact site is yet to be determined.