How to Invite Some or All of Your Facebook Friends to Wild Goose West

On Tuesday, July 17, during the last 48 hours of their Early Bird ticket sale, Wild Goose West released the names of additional speakers and performers they’ve recently added to their lineup. The heavily discounted $99 rate expires Thursday, July 19th at midnight.

To see the newly announced lineup, click here. To invite your Facebook friends to join you before the sale ends, follow the steps below.

If you’re attending and just want to invite a few friends:

Step 1- Go to the Wild Goose West Facebook event page and click “Join/Attending” to indicate you’re coming.

Step 2 – Refresh your Facebook page, scroll to the top and click the “Invite Friends” box. This should let you select friends from your list to add to the “Invite” list.

If you’re a die-hard Wild Goose friend, a volunteer, a planning team member or otherwise passionate person who wants to invite all your Facebook friends in 3 relatively easy steps, read the instructions under the screen image below:

Step 1– If you don’t already have Google Chrome, install this free internet browser here. (Yes, there are Mac and PC versions available *FREE*.)

Step 2– Open the Google Chrome Browser, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for/install the *FREE* app titled “Facebook Inviter”

Step 3 – Go back to the Wild Goose West Facebook event page and mark that you’re attending (if you haven’t already). Click the “Invite Friends” box and your list of friends will appear (sometimes slowly) along with a new button marked “Toggle All” (“Toggle All” just means “Select All”).

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of your friends list, which may take a few seconds (because it doesn’t scroll to the bottom automatically), select “Toggle All” and hit “Save.”

You should see a pop-up confirmation box that says your friends have been invited, although it may take a few minutes for Facebook to register them in the Invite List.

We appreciate your help spreading the word about this Labor Day gathering, particularly while tickets are still available at the heavily discounted price of just $99. Purchase tickets here at the Early Bird price until Thursday, July 19th.


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