Wild Goose West Announces Additional Speakers and Performers

Wild Goose West to Debut in Four Weeks

WILD GOOSE WEST is only four weeks away – we’re announcing almost all of the rest of the lineup today (with a few more treats to come as the festival approaches). The festival welcomes you to the Benton County Fairgrounds, in Corvallis, OR – within easy driving distance of Portland, Seattle, and the region – where we’ll co-create an intersection of justice, spirituality, music and art. We’ll kick things off around 5pm on Friday 31st August, and run through around 10pm on Sunday 2nd September. Come for the whole weekend and camp with us onsite, or stay nearby. It’s Labor Day weekend, so you can stay over to Monday morning. If you can’t make the whole weekend, consider joining us for an evening or all day Saturday or Sunday. Day passes will go on sale soon – you can get full weekend tickets here.

Now, to the lineup:

Friday night music will lift the spirits as the stage is occupied by Lauren Steele! Ryan Sollee! Gungor! And Great Wilderness! Performance poetry will be declaimed by Australia’s finest Joel McKerrow! And for the foot-can’t-keep-still among us, we can dance to the rhythm of DJ Mike McGonigal!

You can also participate in talks, conversations and panels with Rachel Held Evans on her year of biblical womanhood project; Fr Richard Rohr’s experience of thinking about the two halves of life, spirituality and the twelve step traditions, and fusing contemplation with action for social change; Bishop Yvette Flunder on loving ALL the people, Rabbi David Zaslow’s storytelling; experiment with a theology of homelessness that prioritizes the voices of people living outside; discuss restorative justice with Cote Soerens and greening the golden rule with environmental thinker and activist Peter Illyn, or explore Tom Sine’s vision of how the post-imperial US can find its way toward the common good.

Saturday sees us awake to TED-style talks about art and meaning; a conversation on dealing positively with difference; Christine Sine’s thoughts on the spirituality of gardening; Nadia Bolz-Weber’s reimagining of urban liturgy for people who want to follow Jesus, but struggle with the church; the story of how profound connections are emerging between Iraq and the US, and the lessons of a failed war in the Gospel of Rutba; Lakota Sioux teacher Richard Twiss on Christianity and the Native American experience; a metaphorical back-rub in the form of conversation about sustainable engagement in justice work; non-violent voices including Brian McLaren on healing the wounds of 9/11; Alexia Salvatierra’s reflections on immigration justice; learning the art of meditation; the future of feminist theology; Keetoowah Cherokee Indian pastor and poet Randy Woodley’s challenge to recognize the places where we stand; and a conversation about cinema and spirituality with critic Jeffrey Overstreet.

On the music stage, the sounds of Blacque Butterfly, Aaron Strumpel, Kat Jones, When the Broken Bow, Speaker Minds, Shelley Short, Kelli Schaefer, soul diva of the Northwest Linda Hornbuckle, and the mighty Menomena! To bring the night to an outstanding close, Beyondadoubt invite you to a soul dance party!

Sunday swings into action with more Fr Richard Rohr, Bruce Reyes-Chow on racial reconciliation, and much more.

Sunday’s music includes Dervish D’light, Sleepheart, No Kind of Rider, Obo Addy, Hannah Glover, and will culminate with the joyous depth of Josh Garrels accompanied by a chamber orchestra!.

Throughout the weekend you can have up-close-and-personal conversations with cutting edge leaders in spirituality, social justice and art at the Homebrewed Christianity podcast in 3-D; and sacred spaces will be available including liturgy of the hours, Quaker meeting, contemplative prayer, interplay, 12-step compline and worship in the Taize tradition.

More Information

Wild Goose is a community-oriented festival that seeks to collapse the hierarchies between public figures and audience members – we want you to be part of the community, to bring your gifts of experience as well as your questions. We invite you to consider what you might offer at the festival – there’ll be space for you to contribute on site in many different ways.

You can find out more about the festival here; more detail on the lineup here; and buy tickets here.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey of exile and return. It’s going to be fun, provocative, inspirational, and you’ll make it more than the sum of its parts. See you in a few weeks.

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