Stay Tuned for Wild Goose 2013

After two festivals, bringing people together across two coasts, Wild Goose is regrouping to cast the vision for 2013.

Over the next couple months, both a national and regional steering team will be meeting and dates and locations of next year’s festivals and meetings will be announced.

We’ll also be re-designing our website and restructuring its content to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

In addition, we’re recruiting contributors to post essays about a list of pre-determined topics, such as peace, justice and spirituality, on this blog. (If you’d like to contribute, please send us a message via our social networks.)

In the meantime, you can follow the Wild Goose Facebook page or Twitter feed for links to previous Wild Goose presentations and performances and announcements about our upcoming events in 2013.


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  • kalim

    What is death?

    I want to share this sentences From Risalei Nur collection by Said Nursi

    Death is not destruction, or nothingness, or annihilation; it is not cessation, or extinction; it is not eternal separation, or non-existence, or a chance event; it is not authorless obliteration. Rather, it is being discharged by the Author Who is All-Wise and All-Compassionate; it is a change of abode. It is being despatched to eternal bliss, to your true home. It is the door of union to the Intermediate Realm, which is where you will meet with ninety-nine per cent of your friends.”