Comment Policy

Adopted 2/10/10.

The Wild Hunt welcomes your feedback, insight, and commentary. Because this site wants to foster an atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone, The Wild Hunt has instituted a new comment policy.

1. Please keep discussions civil. A civil discussion is free of personal attacks, rudeness, and aggressive behaviors that lead to conflict. We realize that you are human, so minor and isolated incidents of incivility will generally be tolerated so long as a pattern of incivility does not emerge.

2. Comments that are libelous, defamatory, pornographic, harassing, threatening, or hateful (racially, ethnically, or religiously) will be deleted without debate.

3. A pattern of incivility, hostility and harassment towards other readers, or unwillingness to respect the rules laid out here will result in a permanent ban from this site.

4. Unless specifically called for, do not post advertisements for your business/school/etsy shop in the comments.

5. A basic level of tolerance towards other faiths, members of other faiths visiting this site, and especially towards other Pagan religions, and adherents of those religions, is expected. That doesn’t mean you have to like or agree with that other faith/philosophy, nor does it mean a faith is above criticism, but it does mean that engaging in scorched-earth rhetoric or unfair blanket assertions is outside the bounds of a civil discussion.

This site is my “hall”, and I expect guests to The Wild Hunt to abide by the concept of hospitality. A sacred concept found throughout the ancient pagan world. Spirited discourse, debate, and even vehement disagreement, is fine, but as my guests enjoying your stay here, I ask you to remember that hospitality is reciprocal. In return for me assuming your good intentions, and providing a sounding-board on important issues, I ask for to you abide by my guidelines.