To Hex or not to Hex ? The beliefs of a Wood Witch

To Hex or not to Hex ? The beliefs of a Wood Witch March 11, 2018

Hexing… fist and foremost I want to say that these are my views and beliefs on the subject of cursing and hexing. I am not trying to start a wicked debate on the subject, nor a war. I’m also not subconsciously crying out to be told “I’m going to hell in a handbasket.” Instead a better understanding hopefully, of why some of us as witches choose to hex.

Hexing, cursing, bewitchment and alike are at the roots of Traditional Witchcraft. Witches where often sought out for their hexing and cursing abilities. Some folk needing viscous slander stopped from another, others wanting ill tidings sent to the family that rejected an arranged marriage proposal.

Marriage was everything for the women of those times. A means of being provided for, a standing in society, and a means to a voice when women alone had none. So darker love spells, or a glamour had to be a biggie on the list of darker workings.

There is plenty of folklore about witches and their hexing and cursing of those who had wronged them. That in itself being a possible part of what its about for those who choose to practice this dark art.

My very introduction into witchcraft was from Sybil Leek. A English traditional witch, a feisty crone, and a woman who stood up for what she believed in, right or wrong. Hexing and cursing being among them. Now this was at a time, when being extremely public about being a witch was not all that common, not to mention openly admitting hexing. So you can see how she’d stand out a bit in a crowd. Although I am in no way a follower of all her beliefs, I choose to honor her in the way of speaking out as she did, about my beliefs on hexing.

People every day find ways to bring karma or balance into their lives. We all seek some form of reckoning, some way to make life a bit more fair. We as witches are no different, we simply choose to do it in a more unique way. That I believe, being the true issue.

The child abuser, the asshole who treats animals poorly, the rapist, these are the more obvious reasons to hex.

Less obvious reasons could be the guy that binds his coworker who’s after his job, or the woman that binds the married man next store from continually hitting on her.
It’s about restoring the balance, about not taking things from people that you would not do yourself. It’s about release, a way to help turn the page in your life, it’s about justice.

When I decided that hexing was something that I wanted to do, I spent a considerable amount of time in meditation over it. I wanted to make sure that in both body and mind, that my decision was something that I was sure of, and truly believed in.

I have rituals I perform when I hex, it’s become a state of mind for me. I have a fetch that resides in some red coral branches. I wrap the branches in black cloth that’s been infused with henbane and dark moon water, placing it in a miniature wooden coffin where it resides. I feed the fetch sorrow, pain, agony, hatred, or rage to do my bidding. I burn herbs of the daemon, I inhale the smoke, I dance, I scream, I release, I conjure.

Hexing for me is an ancient art that I believe in and practice whole heartily. I don’t curse the guy in the grocery store line for being an idiot, although there are times one is tempted. I don’t believe in the “Three fold Law”, for me it’s more about the Web of Wyrd. It’s about balance, protection, prevention, self respect, and self love, and it’s a dark dance on a new moon in this witches wood…. )0(

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