The Blackened Mirror……A Wood Witch Tale

The Blackened Mirror……A Wood Witch Tale February 22, 2018

Catoptromancy or enoptromancy is the art of divination through the use of a magick mirror. There is crystallomancy as well, the cunning of the crystal seer. These ancient practices where the beginnings of gazing into darkened waters, within polished metals, crystals, and stones.

From the middle ages to the nineteenth century magicians, witches, and sorcerers alike worked the magick of these mirrors.
That being said, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out there is plenty of rich folklore associated to this beloved craft.

From “Bloody Mary” of more recent times, to the ruthless and cunning Vampyres. The cold ones..soul-less creatures, therefore having no reflections. It being said that mirrors reflect the shadow side… or the true essence of the soul.

Word has it there is a book, a magician’s and sorcerer’s recipe book of such. It’s a fifteenth century Germanic works called the “Munich Handbook of Necromancy”. Within this book of shadows there be a spell, called “The Mirror of Lilith”, a classic working of protections, the mirror taking the form of a shield. I have heard mutterings from some that have tried this working, that it can be an entirely emotional, dark, and unpleasant experience. The price to be paid for that spell.

I have spent some of my most enchanting evenings sitting around the bonfire drinking mead, and listening to the magickal folklore after our drumming. Most recently hearing of how it was a custom to remove the mirrors in the rooms of the sick. Or at very least in keeping them covered. The sick being in their weakened state an act of protection, or prevention of letting those from the other side being able to see the potential prey.

Or how if a death occurred within the home, the family members must make haste, and turn the mirrors away. If this was not done, the next to gaze upon the mirror would succumb to an equal fate. There is also folklore that states how it is most unwise to light a single dark candle, and gaze into a blackened mirror for an extended period of time. To do so was to conjure the devil himself to your mirror….

As a practice for me it holds many connections. My beliefs are that of the mirror being associated with the feminine, emotions, waters, the underworld, and the spirit realm. I have read of the ancient Greeks and how they too saw this water connection. They would suspend a mirror to rest atop the water, and in doing so would invoke Hekate. They believed this ritual could expand the visions that Hekate would send forth within the mirror and waters.

This will be a definite spring project for me. I am going to make a small body of water next to my poisoned garden. This garden having true plants of Hekate, and the bones and essences of my cherished familiars. I find it the perfect place to not only divine, but a way to have additional connections to that dark goddess, the plants, and my familiars… intertwined.

I use black mirrors that I make with intention. My first, an old frame that was my grandmothers. I wrap it in a black pearl necklace, (the pearls being a darker water connection as well). As these black pearls where my great aunt’s. I use this blackened mirror for my connection to the ancestral realms. I have another (my favorite) that I have covered with moss, bones, roots, stones and twigs. I use this mirror to see visions in the woods, tree spirts, land spirits, familiars, and the fae.

One can send things with mirrors as well, let it be for the good… or the not so good, you decide.
Take two small hand mirrors, the size of your palm works nicely. Make sure they are new mirrors. Wash them in cool water, pat dry, smudge with sage. I also make an infusion of mugwort, dipping the mirrors into the infusion letting them sit out to dry, preferably under the moonlight. When it’s a day appropriate for your intentions, or a Monday ~ Day of the moon, waters, dream-states, and divinations. Gather the two mirrors, and anoint the mirrors with Van-Van or Dragons blood oil for increasing the success of your workings. Light a candle of intent, and some incense, (try Mercury the messenger type herbs), to aid your desires release into the ether.

On one mirror, add things of the recipient to this spell or curse. Let it be a picture, hair, bodily fluids, a piece of clothing, their handwriting etc. On the second mirror… place your intention. Let your creativity and imagination go wild here! Let it be to send love, healing, light, a message, or you can go the other way… cackling wildly!
Using herbs of the daemons, tears, baneful herbs, blood and alike. Make it personal, and know well the skill of sending your intent.
Now use a ribbon of intended color, red for love, green or gold for prosperity, blue for healing etc. Or choose a thorned vine for cursing, rapping it around the two mirrors. Place the joined mirrors over the candle flame, then place within the incense smoke. Gazing into the blackened mirror, begin to raise your intentions and emotions. Envision your intent and the results, let them play out in your minds eye as your release your spell into the mirror. Do this spell or curse at the same time if possible, and for a total of six days. Starting on a Monday, moon day and ending on Saturday a day of Saturn and endings.

There are many more ways to work with a blackened mirror. Experiment and play, and you may very well find an extraordinary way to converse and divine with those in other realms. )0(

Oh, I should mention this as well.
If you get to the point of seeing those that you work with in the mirror..… just know that they can now see you as well. Enjoy!

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