Baha’i: Martyrdom of the Bab

Do you know with which religion the Bab is associated?

The Bahá’í faith originated in Iran in 1863. A young Iranian who called himself “The Báb” founded the religion which today claims about 6 million adherents.

Hillary Chapman, a Bah’i educator, explains the significance of the Bab in this short clip recorded for PBS Religion and Ethics.

The Bahá’í accept all religions and the divine nature of Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. The Iranian government has persecuted the Bahá’í community since its beginning.  Muslims saw it as heretical to Islam and killed almost 20,000 followers in the mid-1800s. You can read more about this persecution in my post  last year.

Here’s an excellent  short overview of the early history of Bah’i.

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