Peace Be Still

Peace be still… [Read more...]

You are the light

You are the light of the world…. [Read more...]

Love Fest

There will come a time when you finally will give up the fight, resistance, struggle, to love, and just give in…. [Read more...]

Your Voice 2012

Most everyone is looking to be heard in some way. Some do it using old programs such as gossip, selfishness, judging,  complain, blame, abuse, lies, cleverness, etc..and some use their voice with gentleness, firmness, love, caring, kindness, some are scared of their voices, they choose to be shy, quiet, and yet all of these are [Read More...]

Invisible Realm- Mother Earth

We call it many names and no matter what you call it, it simply is beyond the name box that you label it.  Words box it up, beliefs are formed around it, religions, practices, and all for the sake of claiming it their own. Many people and organizations claim they know it better then the [Read More...]

Heaven and Hell

A samurai came to see a famous teacher, hoping to become his student. He asked: “Master, perhaps you could tell me about heaven and hell?” The old master simply said to him: “Why should I bother? Somebody as stupid as you could never understand!” The samurai was seized by rage at this insulting old man [Read More...]

Power of Silence

Listen to the flowers, their beauty is found in silence. [Read more...]


This is enough, nothing to add or take away, no judgement, complaints, good, bad, no more creating stories of people, separation..Just this…love silence [Read more...]


How do you enable people? Do you support their growth? Do you try to hold them down? Do you want them to stay the same, and when they grow, you work hard to discredit them?  Each of us helps each other grow.  Learn to be open to the lesson. Do you bud your head in [Read More...]

John 8

Removing the judgement of others and yourself will allow the breath of love to be.  When we judge others and ourselves we put poison in the tree of life. We weren’t brought here to judge. Judgement comes from our own creation. We create judgement. When we feel separate from the one.  That is our own [Read More...]