I was having coffee with an old friend today, and asked him, "What is fear?", he brought up several suggestions, then I suggested, "It feels like you have this great unknown, which has never been explored, and so you are making up everything that can go wrong. Yet you are not comfortable with the unknown. That is why we make it up, because anything can happen, so we set our self up to fail, so if that happens it doesn't really surprise us.  Get comfortable with it. Fear is a great teacher, it … [Read More...]


Heart, Mind, Body

For many years we have been told that we are mind-body beings.  As we evolve, we are discovering we are actually heart centered beings. The reign of command goes from heart to mind to body. It may be difficult in a society obsessed with the body and thinking, to believe that our hearts can lead, but it is true.  The heart magnifies 5000 times faster than your mind.  We might want to start a thinkers anonymous meeting. "Hello my name is Jack and I think to much." When the heart is the … [Read More...]


The Worthiness Of A Rose

So when we pass a rose, most people stop, and admire the rose. Especially now, as we move into Spring, the smell is incredible.  Lets look at the rose, the rose is growing in stillness, and it is perfect as it is.  Because when you look at the rose you are acknowledging the WHOLE rose. Yet, when we meet with people, we don't meet their wholeness. We show up with projections, stories, judgments, and defensiveness.  Do we let this person in? Do we trust them? As we rest here, because lets face … [Read More...]

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Keep Your Head Up, You got this!!

I remember I sat next to John Shepherd, who at the time was my director.  He cast me in Scapino as Scapino. I was on stage for 124 pages in a 125 page script.  I was scared. It felt overwhelming.  He asked me what I was up too, I said, "Well I was at the library researching Bill Irwin and watching him play Scapino on Broadway." John took a puff off his cigarette, and looked at me like a disappointed parent, and said, "David I didn't cast Bill Irwin, I cast David Matthew Brown, I want David … [Read More...]


Present Moment Awareness

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All In….

I was listening to a person recently complaining about how life stinks.  So I asked him, "Are you all in?" He was dumbfounded"What do you mean?" I repeated, "Are you all in?"  He thought about it, "In life, career, relationship?"  I said, "Don't try to find it, you know if you are all in. If you were all in  you wouldn't have time to talk about others and complain so much about what isn't happening." Life when lived fully in the moment is naturally all in, there isn't anytime to think … [Read More...]



As we approach Easter we are reminded of the resurrection of Jesus. Yet each and every day we are called to resurrect ourselves. On Sunday I spoke and talked about three steps to selfless living.  The first is the recognition of our ideal's. Each of us has them. For example, the ideal relationship, job, spiritual practice, health, and money, just to name the major one's.  All ideal's mean simply I-Dealing with perfection. The ideal is always about some perfect way to be, perfect outcome, or … [Read More...]


Maori And The Heart

"Two roads diverged in a wood, I chose the one less traveled and that has made all the difference" Robert Frost   I had the wonderful opportunity to get my wings and speak in New Zealand.  I spoke on the heart, and shared my experiences with lots and lots of people.  Very, very grateful. "When I ask you to point to yourself, where do you point?" I mentioned to the group, they smiled, and someone spoke up, "My heart."  I responded, "That is who you are, yet we spend most of our … [Read More...]

The Rich Man

There was a man  of many riches, he owned everything in the city, he had all that people yearned for, worked for, and one day fell in love, and lost everything. One day in the court yard he was approached by a man who noticed the rich man, "Sir didn't you own that huge building made of gold?" The man smiled, "I did." "What happened?" "I found love and lost everything that brought me misery, and now I have everything. It wasn't the riches that brought me misery, it was that my soul was in … [Read More...]

The Beggar Of Thanksgiving

There was a man begging in the fields, as he was begging another man approached.  The man begging started to cry, and the other man asked if he was okay.  The beggar said, "My fields are dried up and I can not plant."  The man asked, "Have you been thankful?"  The beggar thought, "No, I figured the fields would always be taken care of." And the two sat in silence, and finally the man said to the beggar, "Faith without thanksgiving leads to poverty of all kinds, we have faith in God and trust … [Read More...]