Last Blog…Sweet Adieu

   July 28th 2014, Somewhere America.  Thank you for reading this blog, it has been a thrill, an honor to share with you my experience, my learning, and point of view.  To Kristi for her unending love, support, and her behind the scene's cheering and inspiring me on.Patheos and Cathie have been nothing but supportive, and nurturing on this path. For that I will always be grateful for the opportunity to express my voice freely, openly, and without judgment.We are here to learn, grow, and d … [Read More...]

Part 2: Wild Heart, Wild Feminine

    Sometimes when I am speaking to a group of people I ask them to point to themselves. Everyone points to their hearts, and I say, "That is who you are." Nobody points to their mind, although most people are identified with their mind, more than their hearts.  So why don't we identify with our hearts? What scares us about sharing our hearts? Sharing with others?Relating to the mind is easy, because the mind wants comfort, wants to live everyday the same, doesn't like change, and uses the mo … [Read More...]

The Joke

        I grew up going to Catholic service on Sunday's. I remember before we walked into service sitting in the car laughing with my family as we listened to comedians on the radio.  Everywhere I speak, I always start with a joke or two, and remind the audience that we need to laugh more.  We need to laugh more and judge less,  because frankly if we are honest with ourselves we have no idea what is actually happening.  It is exciting, adventurous to live in the present.  Why? Because the past ha … [Read More...]

The Paradox of Our Age /Time – By Dr. Bob Moorehead

One of my favorites!! enjoyThe Paradox of Our Age /Time - By Dr. Bob Moorehead The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints; we spend more, but have less; we buy more, but enjoy it less. These are days of two incomes, but more divorce; of fancier houses, but broken homes.These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throw away morality, one-night stands, overweight bodies, and … [Read More...]

No Means No

   When I was a junior in High School, my math teacher Mr.Edwards posted in his classroom, "What Part Of NO don't you understand."  Mr. Edwards wore a lab coat, loved math, and had bad breath, but he was inspiring. He loved to teach and loved to learn about his students.  Over the summer, before I took his class, he read a theater review and interview on me in the local paper. I had no idea. At the end of my junior year, he had me stay after class and he said, "David, your not going to be a math … [Read More...]

3 Parts: I Am Leaving…

   Welcome! I have really enjoyed sharing with you over the past years here on Patheos.  I hope that you have gleamed from this blog, that you matter. This is part 1 of 3 parts. I am signing off of Patheos Spirituality as of July 29th, so on July 29th you will read part 3.There were three son's who became very wealthy. On their mom's birthday they each decided to get her something. The first son bought her a house, the second son bought her a car, and the third son knew his mom loved the bi … [Read More...]


       Happy Fourth Of July! May you and your family celebrate, have fun, and please be safe on the road. Designate a driver.Join me:SUNDAY JULY 6TH at 11 am @Unity Burbank my talk "LET LOVE"  4 Year Anniversary!! Wahoo!SUNDAY July 13th at 10:30am @Unity Stockton my talk "ROAR AND SOAR" Heart Workshop to follow.David Matthew Brown  website on my work. The Following section was taken from my book, "The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening" which you can find on Amazon. … [Read More...]

Walk it

   Happy 4th of July!! May it be safe, fun, and filled with laughter!Yesterday we talked about dropping the books, and today we talk about spectating.  Sunday marks my 4th anniversary at Unity Burbank Center Spiritual Awareness, 4 years and over 48 talks. It is such a blessing to speak and share. I share from a place of humor, personal story, and experience.  Relaying to my audience ways in which I have learned or am still learning on moving through the muck, moving with love, and faith fil … [Read More...]

When Books Get In The Way

   There will come a time when books, talks, and all the rest of it will have done their job. The job of scripture, A Course In miracles is to guide you inward. Which is wonderful, but then we have to let them go and experience what they are pointing too. They are great pointers to the heart.  But when we start sharing them, without experience of our own then we are not really helping humanity rise, or ourselves really.  Each of us is a living example of love.  We pray, affirm, and acknowledge Go … [Read More...]

Re-Hearing, Rehearsing= Act

   July is here! Marking half through 2014.  Wow it has moved fast.So I found myself in the car from Sedona, Arizona pondering, self-reflecting, and wrestling with myself for around 7 hours.  Sometimes I was quiet, sometimes I was singing loudly, and sometimes I was just asking, "Why?'  Ever have those nights, alone on the long stretch of the 10 freeway, with the only light coming from the splinter of the moon and your car lights.  Wondering and wrestling all at once.  Wondering where in the … [Read More...]