May 26, 2014

Today find time to observe the mind and rest in silence. Let life be as it is. From the silence of what you are, comes great presence, and true power. You are safe, secure, and loved now and always. Read more

May 25, 2014

Last night I came home after celebrating at the Latin music night, and put my daughter to sleep. As I turned off the lights to go to sleep, I glance in the other room to discover this strange light coming from the room.  I would like to think that the angels were around. For the skeptic, maybe the light is some weird reflection, or fluke. I prefer to think the angels stopped by to celebrate and say they are around…. Read more

May 23, 2014

My Daughter: Dad? Me: Yep. My Daughter: No one looks happy. Me: Maybe they have a lot on their mind. My Daughter: What is on their mind? Me: Stuff, things they have to do… My Daughter: Lets throw fun at ’em. We both laugh Me: Sounds good (We imagine throwing fun at people) Today have some fun, move out of your comfort zone, and let go of being right and making others wrong.  Life is happening. Judge and ye will… Read more

May 22, 2014

This may not be something that you want to read right now.  I am warning you, because what you may  uncover as you read the following blog post is something that may challenge everything you believe.  Our beliefs keep us comfortable.  Most people don’t want to question their beliefs or idea’s, “This is what I believe!! You are wrong! Your belief is wrong, I am not listening”, but lets face it, this world is all based on belief, and belief … Read more

May 21, 2014

There is a wonderful John Legend song entitled, “All Of Me”, and in the song he sings about his beloved.  This song reminds me of the importance of loving all of yourself.  Can you love, with honesty, all of yourself? And with that love for yourself, can you freely give that to others, with no chance of it returning? With no chance of it being reciprocated? Real love is not about getting anything, it is about giving it all. Now… Read more

May 20, 2014

“Let your words, morning, and evening, be a flow of praise. Praise life, praise the earth, praise the universe and praise the Divine. Creation wants to be praised and God loves a heart burning with love.  Become a lover of the earth and you will reclaim a very ancient truth of your own soul: you were born to enjoy the earth and to protect it.The land you walk on is a sacred miracle, a most intimate manifestation of the Divine…. Read more

May 18, 2014

One of the reasons I continue to write this blog is the emails I receive after some of my posts.  Some people send questions, some send comments, some share their disgust, and some share their distaste. What is wonderful about all the emails that I receive,  is the willingness to dialogue about who we are, to go inward, and ask questions. Gandhi suggested that when we introduce a new way, a new idea, it will be met with resistance, then… Read more

May 16, 2014

Many people in spiritual circles admonish the “Ego”. Some call it the enemy, some come up with clever phrases about it, such as “Electing God Out”, yet as we begin to move in our practice through meditation, prayer, contemplation, self-reflection, and discernment, we begin to discover that this so called enemy is really just lost and yet we identifying with it as who we are, so we are lost.  As we move closer to who we really are, which is… Read more

May 12, 2014

Sitting in a waiting room, a woman approached another man next to me, and his face lit up as she approached, he stood up to meet her and she said, “How is your heart?” and rubbed his heart.  As they continued their conversation, he asked, “How is it going?”  She sighed, “Well staying off drugs and not drinking is a moment by moment experience, but I continue to stay here and stay grounded in support and love.”  He listened, then… Read more

May 11, 2014

Favorite Story told by Zhuangzi was an influential Chinese philosopher who lived around the 4th century BC during the Warring States period, a period corresponding to the summit of Chinese philosophy, the Hundred Schools of Thought (taken from Wikipedia) It was a cool evening in ancient China. Chuang Tzu’s friend went looking for him at the local inn. He found Chuang Tzu sitting at a table, sipping his drink in a contemplative mood. “There you are!” Chuang Tzu’s friend greeted… Read more

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