All of Me Loves All….

All of Me Loves All…. May 21, 2014

There is a wonderful John Legend song entitled, “All Of Me”, and in the song he sings about his beloved.  This song reminds me of the importance of loving all of yourself.  Can you love, with honesty, all of yourself? And with that love for yourself, can you freely give that to others, with no chance of it returning? With no chance of it being reciprocated?

Real love is not about getting anything, it is about giving it all. Now the trap in this is that if your love comes from the Ego, and its many trappings, you will know, because you will be tired at the end of the day, exhausted, and resentful of others.  That is Ego love, it has no boundaries, it has to be right, it blames, judges, and condemns, it even keeps score.  It plays games and has power trips.  It is always wanting something, expecting love to be returned in a certain way, it doesn’t express itself fully, and it hides out in the dark. It uses control, manipulation, and self imposed rules to govern a relationship.

Real love has boundaries, gives fully, self-cares for itself in meditation, prayer, mantra’s,  yoga, hiking, etc… It speaks from the heart with no net, defense, or approval. When we love who we are; as Divine expressions of source Love. Then our lives dramatically begin to fall into place.  When we serve from our Divine self, we are moved too, it is not an obligation, task, or doing. We don’t do it to get into heaven either, we are in heaven here on earth. It is heart centered.

Will you be upset, angry, frustrated at times, yes and that is okay. Master’s know this.

So the invitation today is to investigate where you are living from when it comes to Love. from the heart or mind?  Be gentle with yourself, be kind with yourself, you are in a practice of coming back to Love, back to your Divine nature…

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