Don’t Read This…

Don’t Read This… May 22, 2014

This may not be something that you want to read right now.  I am warning you, because what you may  uncover as you read the following blog post is something that may challenge everything you believe.  Our beliefs keep us comfortable.  Most people don’t want to question their beliefs or idea’s, “This is what I believe!! You are wrong! Your belief is wrong, I am not listening”, but lets face it, this world is all based on belief, and belief  is the lead cause of war with friends, family, countries, and the lead cause of illusions within each one of us.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you, here we go.

What if there was nothing to believe in? Sit with it.  What if all your beliefs were wrong? Your beliefs are now in question. Your mind may be resisting this, which is good.  Remember as Gandhi stated, “First they will resist, then they will war, and then they will accept.”  LOVE IS RADICAL.  Love is not about believing anything. Belief is a mind construct, it is limiting. We are not here to believe anything or in anything. How does that feel? Be honest with yourself. Those that say, “believe in God”, or those that say, “don’t believe in God.” Or those that say, “Our God is better than your God,” are simply fighting over belief, Which is superficial.

We are called to have faith, not belief. Faith is difficult because it is a practice. An everyday practice in awareness. Quieting the trouble’s of the mind, to discover peace. Inner peace is faith in life.  For example, a rose has faith in life.  Faith is a muscle in your heart. Belief is a idea, concept of the mind, which is always met with an opposite.  Faith has nothing to do with opposites. It is a deep, deep inner knowing that can not be swayed by logic, reason, or rationale. It goes beyond belief, beyond the mind.

So today I invite you to stop believing anything and start discovering Faith. Faith can be discovered through meditation, and affirmative prayer, self reflection, contemplation, and quiet walks in nature.  You are Love itself, and love must be realized.


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