Part 2: Wild Heart, Wild Feminine

Part 2: Wild Heart, Wild Feminine July 24, 2014

    Sometimes when I am speaking to a group of people I ask them to point to themselves. Everyone points to their hearts, and I say, “That is who you are.” Nobody points to their mind, although most people are identified with their mind, more than their hearts.  So why don’t we identify with our hearts? What scares us about sharing our hearts? Sharing with others?

Relating to the mind is easy, because the mind wants comfort, wants to live everyday the same, doesn’t like change, and uses the movement of creating problems to solve so it doesn’t have to fully live here.  Whereas the heart knows that true living, being fully present is about change, going with the flow, and following intuition.  Intuition is how we correctly think, so when we have an actual problem we can use the mind to solve it. When we live in our hearts, we become creative, feeling, and powerful beings.  Using our gut or intuition as a GPS system.

So when people say to me that their hearts are always wrong, I disagree. Your intuition or instincts are never wrong, we have not been properly trained to listen to them.  So we trust this mind which thinks all the time, which is always convincing us to follow it. The mind is what lots of different religions would call the “devil” or “crazy thinking”.  We have to learn to quiet the mind and listen the whispers of the heart.

Now here is what is interesting, as we listen to the heart, we listen to the feminine. So we have never been taught to embrace the feminine. The masculine is the MEN-tal mind. As we embrace the feminine we develop a reverence for life. As we develop a reverence for life, we take care of the planet, ourselves, and others from a place of connection and peace.  The heart is wild, because it doesn’t want you to tame it. We have been trying for thousands of years to tame her, and she doesn’t want to be tamed. The MEN-tal mind has been running the show for so long, that it has been controlling the feminine heart,  in turn it has abused her.  Which is what are collective society is doing to each other. This is why the world is in you. Collectively by not knowing our self and learning who we actually are, we abuse the feminine collectively.  And because both men and women are allowing the MEN-tal to abuse the feminine heart everyday, it has become acceptable behavior on the planet to abuse the feminine. Because internally that is what we are doing.

As we connect to the feminine and listen to her quiet voice, the MEN-tal takes its rightful place as a partner. When we listen to the feminine with our inner ear, we become creative beings. We also live the qualities of love, compassion, kindness, abundance, and wisdom, which are all feminine qualities.  So find quiet space to listen to the inner guidance of your feminine heart, which is the Spirit. YOU WERE CREATED TO CREATE. You weren’t meant to be tamed. You are here to grow, learn, expand, and move with life.

Remember when the you are not living fully you might be creating problems through worry that don’t exist, judging, criticizing, self-righteous, and condemning others. Just become aware of this, then move to the present, and go create through painting, walking, yoga, hiking, etc…

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