The Joke

The Joke July 22, 2014

        I grew up going to Catholic service on Sunday’s. I remember before we walked into service sitting in the car laughing with my family as we listened to comedians on the radio.  Everywhere I speak, I always start with a joke or two, and remind the audience that we need to laugh more.  We need to laugh more and judge less,  because frankly if we are honest with ourselves we have no idea what is actually happening.  It is exciting, adventurous to live in the present.  Why? Because the past happened, and all we can do is learn from it.

Forgiveness is wonderful, because it reminds us to lighten up, to lighten the load, I don’t know why people can be so cruel with each other, I don’t know why we love to kill, why we love guns, love war, more than we love understanding, learning about each other. But I can learn about it. I can want to understand it, learn about it. Most people us judgement, condemnation as a defense, a weapon. I choose to use learning as my defense.  Love learns, grows, and is patient.

Judgment, condemnation we are told in the Bible are pointless actions, because we all make mistakes, yet some people believe the high road is making others wrong while making themselves right.  This is not just about religious groups, but diet groups as well. Talk to a raw foodist, a foody, a vegan,  and they will tell you that you are wrong and they are right.  But if we are real with ourselves we are creating our own entertainment.  Telling stories about ourselves and other people as though they are fact.

An experience happens to us, we label it, tell a story about it, and profess it as the truth. The truth it is not, it is an interpretation of an event in our life.  That’s it.  I would rather hang around learners, people who laugh, and understand than around people who judge to always be right. Even judges admit they are wrong.

Some people may see your life from their vantage point of a failure, and others may see it as a success, it doesn’t matter, does it? Someone’s opinion of you.  Opinion is an interpretation of the experience someone is having of you.  What you consider right, may be wrong in someone’s eyes. Because our eyes lie, our guts, our intuition tell the truth.

So laugh more.  Hu= God’s name, Mor= Middle of the road. When we go to one extreme God will bring us back to the middle with humor, more God.   Laughter is a great weapon, brings us together.  I will meet you at laughter. There we can share and play together in love.

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