Rejection, And The Real YOU!

Rejection, And The Real YOU! May 20, 2014

“Let your words, morning, and evening, be a flow of praise. Praise life, praise the earth, praise the universe and praise the Divine. Creation wants to be praised and God loves a heart burning with love.  Become a lover of the earth and you will reclaim a very ancient truth of your own soul: you were born to enjoy the earth and to protect it.The land you walk on is a sacred miracle, a most intimate manifestation of the Divine. The portals of the heart are fashioned by praise.  In every fiber of our being is a desire to celebrate the earth. We are an indissociable part of our planet and its life forms. Praise is the joy of belonging. Praise is the ennobling of the struggle of life. Praise is the abandonment of soulful lovers.”

Chris Saade

Tuesday reminder:   I brought up on Sunday that control and manipulation of others comes from a deep sense of rejection.  So in our practice of meditation, as we listen deeply to the Divine presence within,  sit with this idea that you, the REAL DIVINE YOU can never really be rejected.  Perhaps the only thing that was really rejected was the expectation you had. The story you were creating about the outcome.  The expectation that they should love you a certain way, they should be this way or that way, that they should want you,and  they should need you. Or my parents should of saw me, or heard me, or whatever. All of those experiences were leading you to this moment. If you notice the one word which shows itself in all these examples is “SHOULD”.  Remove “should” from your vocabulary.

As you arrive here in who you actually are, removing your defenses, which are protecting your rejections, hurts, or wounds, you can allow the healing to take place, because the real rejection on this planet does not come from anyone else except you. That is right. Stop rejecting who you really are by creating identities that don’t last. Such as the good girl, the good boy, the righteous one, the one who judges, the critic, the one that never does anything wrong, the bad boy or girl, the old school one who never has to learn, the new school one who never has compassion, etc…. THE REAL YOU IS MORE IMPORTANT. Stop rejecting your Divine nature and feeling powerless to change.  GROW INTO THE DIVINE YOU which has never left. IT IS SIMPLE. IT IS HERE, SO BREATH AND BE GLAD.

Love you!

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David Matthew Brown: Dad, Speaker, Facilitator, Author of, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening”, and soon to be released in the fall a book on Hot Yoga.  David travels the globe speaking and helping people connect to their hearts. He works with United Nations on their goals for 2015.  He was the host of INSIDE OUT Radio for 5 years where he interviewed over 400 guests including Desmond Tutu, Robert Taylor, Gary Renard, Gary Zukav, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, and many others.

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