Wait…What? Really…

Wait…What? Really… May 18, 2014

One of the reasons I continue to write this blog is the emails I receive after some of my posts.  Some people send questions, some send comments, some share their disgust, and some share their distaste. What is wonderful about all the emails that I receive,  is the willingness to dialogue about who we are, to go inward, and ask questions.

Gandhi suggested that when we introduce a new way, a new idea, it will be met with resistance, then war, and then acceptance.  Exactly how our minds work. Advertisers for example know this, and so does the news. If I play a song for you on the radio, and you don’t like it at first, no worries, because I will continue to play it on other stations until at the end of the week you are buying the CD, single, or whatever.

Now our work together is in arriving here. Understanding that we are not the mind, the body, and that we are the witness to it all. This can not be described but can be pointed too. Who we are and what we experience is limited by words. So thoughts limit our experience a well.

I bring this up, because some questions I have been receiving are on the movement of the mind and arriving here.  Most of us move from the past to the present. We are not really living here at all, we are living from the past. For example, lets say that living here was like a boat.  And the boat leaves a wake behind it as it is moving along the ocean. And lets say you are watching the wake all the time. Looking out and wondering what happened, why it happened, when it will change, etc… all the while the boat which is present is producing the wake. The wake doesn’t power the boat, the boat powers the moment.  Most people live this way, keeping their attention on the wake and never living here. When we live fully here, then the wake is the wake. And we simple awaken.

Today witness your mind, witness how quickly it lives from the past to defend the present. And then breath.  Forgiveness is waking up to now. Forgiveness is healthy, it keep us from the hunger of eating the past emotionally.

So I encourage you to witness the mind movement of the past to the present, and forgive others and yourself. We all have made mistakes, especially when we believe that we are our minds.  Judge and ye will be judge.  Control and manipulation are signs of deep seated rejection in life. We will look at those Tuesday.

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David Matthew Brown: Dad, Speaker, Author, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening”. He has appeared on Radio/TV and facilitates and teaches Meditation, Heart Breathing, Play shops, and Breathing.

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