The Real You, And The False You

The Real You, And The False You May 26, 2014

What a journey the mind puts us on. Stories of ourselves and others. Judgments, condemnations, lies, manipulations, power, games, and wanting to be right.  In meditation we explore silence. We rest in silence because the real us is silent, that is why it is hard to describe or articulate in words this infinite nature we all are.  As we rest in the silence,  our language comes from a rich, deep place. In contrast, when we live in the mind we live in superficiality. We live on the surface of what we think, we ride this superficial wave, because we believe we are the thoughts we think as what we are. And so life becomes this superficial need for power, and greed, which result from lack of knowing who we are.  And thoughts which are only used to communicate in the moment, are then over used. So we have a broken system in our society, a disease of our minds, a virus, a sickness, that is the elephant in the room that no one wants to deal with. So we don’t or we do.

Thinking is a splinter of what we are.  We are meant to use our thoughts, not be used by them. We are silent beings. We are silent because we are realized. We realize that we are everything. We are the universe itself. When we observe thinking in the mind we discover that thinking arrives at conclusions rather quickly without really examining itself. So again this points to thoughts that can’t deduce themselves. So what is deducing the thoughts, well the silent witness. The one observing.  That is the real you.  Which is freedom itself.  It points to the end of suffering from the mind.

Just imagine right now, resting in complete silence, all 7 billion people on the planet, and allowing the depths of the universe to speak through us, act through us, and have our way with us. This is why we pray, meditate, and speak mantra’s. To connect to the depths of who we are.  Who we really are. That is what we are coming back too. As we decide to rest in silence and allow the experience to be as it is, without any conclusions, then life becomes an adventure.  In silence we are giving up control of what we think is happening for the depths of what we are.  We are giving up superficial ways of being. This is where your free will comes in. Do you want to know who you are or not? Up to you.

In my profession I am considered a metaphysical doctor. Titles are unimportant, we get lost in them as who we are.  My job is to help people from the sickness, disease, and virus of the mind. And bring them into their hearts.  This process is difficult,  so it is important to have someone to guide you at first.  Guide you from superficial living, to a universal way of being.  Giving up control of the mind is the most difficult thing anyone can do.

Today find time to observe the mind and rest in silence. Let life be as it is. From the silence of what you are, comes great presence, and true power. You are safe, secure, and loved now and always.

  David Matthew Brown: Dad, Speaker, Metaphysical Practitioner, and Author on the Heart, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening.” David has appeared on TV/Radio as an expert on living from the Heart.

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