June 27, 2014

I am a new earth leader, centered in the heart, cultivating a heart-mind-body connection. The heart is Spirit. Without the infusion of Spirit in your life, you can not create from love. In Spirit we create from a WHOLE place, which we call love. Most people on the planet create from a HOLE, a place they feel is missing and they want to fill, which is called fear. Read more

June 25, 2014

Today my practice felt like jumping out of the plane. Read more

June 24, 2014

Many people want to pray for the world. Which is a fine gesture and looks good, but it seems the invitation to each of us, is not to pray for the world to change, but pray for us to change how we are in the world and how we see it. The world is in us. When I see suffering in the world, then I must look at my own suffering inside. I am one with what I see, no… Read more

June 23, 2014

As I watched the ebb and flow of the United States vs Portugal game on Sunday, I realized something, life and soccer as one.  Futbol is a beautiful game.  It teaches us many lessons about life.  The US soccer program entered the group of death with Germany, Ghana, and Portugal.  US was picked to not have a good chance of advancing to the round of 16, but as way has led to way, they play Germany Thursday with a good… Read more

June 21, 2014

SUMMER SOLSTICE is here!! Enjoy the day! I am happy to announce the movement of ROAR is happening across the planet.  I will be taking the message of ROAR to Sedona Unity.  Come join me at 4 pm in Sedona on Sunday June 29th as I lead a powerful heart workshop that will help connect you to living here without the mind getting in the way causing problems.  Discover who you are and how to be here. I am excited… Read more

June 5, 2014

As we enter a new earth, a new way of being in the world collectively, individually, we are learning the importance of expression. Not a reactive, fear based expression, but a love-create one. Read more

June 4, 2014

We live in a Universe which means ONE -VERSE, ONE LOVE, and UNITY. Hop on board and realize Love. Read more

June 3, 2014

“90 Days Of Heat: Freedom Through Moksha” about my personal 90 straight days of hot yoga at Modo Yoga LA is set to be published in September. Thank you to those of you who followed my journey  and thank you for all your prayers, good wishes, love, and light. Love is love. In case you missed it, feel free to click the link below and read about my 90 days of hot yoga and how it helped me transform. 90… Read more

June 2, 2014

Put down your weapons of resistance known as judgment, condemnation, and gossip, and find love within. Read more

May 28, 2014

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart I have no words discovering the news that Maya Angelou passed today.  Except, “Thank you.” Maya, your words, poetry, thoughts of life, taught this still young writer that love always wins, that our individual Spirit’s are here to soar, and finally that our hearts are the greatest gifts we have, so share them and speak up. Love to you. Thank… Read more

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