The End Of Me….The Mark Of Love

The End Of Me….The Mark Of Love June 5, 2014

I love music, and I  love watching music.  Tonight I had the opportunity to remember what it’s like to just listen.  As I walked home tonight, a song I love popped into my heart-mind, by Jason Gray called, “The End Of Me”.  My hope is on this beautiful Friday morning, you sit back and listen to the beautiful poetry of Jason Gray.

As we enter a new earth, a new way of being in the world collectively, individually, we are learning the importance of expression. Not a reactive, fear based expression, but a love-create one.  We allow creation to come through and express in our life. Knowing that some creative expressions last for longer times than others, but all of it is bringing us closer to the heart-mind.  Things are moving rather quickly now. We are losing our perspective of time, and entering heaven on earth.

So it is important to find quietude, stillness, silence, and rest. And as you rest in the quiet moments of your life, you will find your Spirit is recharging as it listens to the over-soul speak to it.  And from there you may find your love-creating begins. Love creates, love is all there is. You are love and I am love, and together we love. Not from an attached place anymore, but from freedom. Freedom to allow. Just like you allow your breath to breath you without judging it. Can you imagine a love that is never unhappy with you? Can you imagine a love that doesn’t judge, condemn? Can you imagine a love that doesn’t need, get, take, or  is co-dependent? A love that doesn’t control? A love free of all attachments. A love that recognizes you in me. A love that says, “I don’t own anyone or anything so I will enjoy this love flow.” We are moving there. A love that is whole, allows.

This morning I ask that you listen to this beautiful song by Jason Gray called THE END OF ME. Sit with the questions and ask yourself in a quietude, “Where am I holding on tightly? What if I was to let it go? What would happen? Who am I without holding on so tightly?”

I will be speaking at 10:30 am June 8th at UNITY SOUTH BAY, talk title, “THE POWER OF LOVE”   Stop by if you live in Los Angeles.

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