Failing, Falling, Fearing…

Failing, Falling, Fearing… June 4, 2014

It is interesting to contemplate the following words, “Failing, falling, fearing”.  Maybe as you read these words, your heart gets tight, your mind begins to remember past moments of failing, or falling, or perhaps in your life now you are fearing.  And yet we dialogue here on Wrestling With Yourself on “God is Love”, and so these words mean something to the mind that believes in duality.  Our practice is resting in Love as one power only and yet we first must wrestle in two powers to arrive at one.

I have failed many times in marriage, career, money, health, spiritual practice, and yet all these failings have led me to a deeper, rich love with God. So at the time of judgment and condemnation from others for my divorce, career, etc…. Looking back there really is no such thing as failing because I went into the unknown, did it, and learned. Going past what I knew.

I learned that falling is great. That’s right! Great! Because it means I moved with and through fear, knowing there was always love to catch me.  Fear is nothing but going to places we have nothing to compare it too, and yet we go, because life, spirit is adventurous. Our spirit wants to express, open, and go for it.  The sense I receive from this willingness to go,is  that your Spirit which is not rational, knows like your heart knows. that love is all there is. So it knows it will always be safe.  It knows that God’s love is omnipresent, everywhere, and in all places at once.  Sit with this, everywhere you walk, you walk in love.  There is no duality, only love.  Wrestle with this, wrestle with God as love. Daniel did, Jesus did, Buddha did, Wayne Dyer did, Eckhart Tolle did, and as you wrestle as well, you will discover your own inner mystic. You will discover the gift in what the mind perceives as falling, failing, and fearing, and you will finally see they don’t really exist accept if you believe in two powers.  We live in a Universe which means ONE -VERSE, ONE  LOVE, and UNITY. Hop on board and realize Love.

   David Matthew Brown: Dad, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Sun, and student of the universe.

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