Lion’s Den

Lion’s Den June 21, 2014

SUMMER SOLSTICE is here!! Enjoy the day!

I am happy to announce the movement of ROAR is happening across the planet.  I will be taking the message of ROAR to Sedona Unity.  Come join me at 4 pm in Sedona on Sunday June 29th as I lead a powerful heart workshop that will help connect you to living here without the mind getting in the way causing problems.  Discover who you are and how to be here.

I am excited to lead ROAR and the message of heart centered freedom across the globe.  A message geared toward living from the inside out.  Every great teacher, guru, mystic, and saint has to wrestle within the lions den of their life to understand who they are and what they are.  Once the wrestling is done, the bigger you can come forth and take action from inspiration not thinking. Inspiration is not just a word but a way of life.

Let ROAR together!!!

“I am so grateful for the gift of David Matthew Brown’s heart workshop. It has helped me personally and professionally. His simple and profound technique teaches you how to live from your heart space. He gifted me with a solid and grounded pathway home to the most tender parts of myself. Heart warming and heart opening this workshop and individual sessions rekindled my faith in the possibilities present in every moment while reminding me that it is always in my hands or heart to actualize them. He presents food for thought to contemplate how you really want to live and experience your life. These truths will vibrate through your being. With great wisdom, humor and warmth, David pierces the veil of pretense and brings you to authenticity. This process helps to watch your emotions and not become them. Sitting from a different perspective you gain a renewed sense of empowerment and hope. David Matthew Brown is a Heartist with this way to fully inhabit your life from your heart!” – Christine Carson Faye, Teacher, Practitioner

  David Matthew Brown is a leader of ROAR, ending divisiveness within, so we can move together in harmony, unity, and global action.  Freedom is within.  His recognized by professionals, athletes, entertainers, spiritual centers, and schools as powerful process that moves people from the heart. He is a expert in coaching people people and guiding them within and finding their ROAR.



Unity Sedona Get tickets here for Sunday June 29th 4pm  BE GREAT, BE YOU, LEAVE MEDIOCRITY BEHIND

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