Throwing Stones At Each Other…

Throwing Stones At Each Other… June 2, 2014

On Sunday I led my talk off with,

“Each of us must put down our desire for love and our desire to withhold love, and enter into to union with God. Not asking, wanting, needing, or getting anything, just listen.  Listen with everything in our being, turn within, this world will not give you any happiness. Turn within and listen to the big Guru within. As we listen, we will hear the good of love, and then we can shine it out.  Love is to big to be withheld.”

Our job after entering and acknowledging the kingdom within, is next to acknowledge that same kingdom in others.  When you notice a tree, you notice the whole tree. You notice the bigness of the tree, you notice the brown branches, the green branches, but you don’t focus on the brown branches, because you are in AWE of the whole.  The same example can be used for our lives.  Focus on the whole being of the person and you will notice a change in them.  Our society always focus’s  attention on the small group who are doing wrong, or making the most money. Why? Because in life we focus on the wrong’s, or making someone wrong so we can be right, or judging or condemning others, or ourselves through shame and guilt.  Yet we are called to turn within and praise God, listen to God, and  yet when we turn out we judge and condemn God daily.

In the talk yesterday I used the example of the tree and then responded with the following, “There are 7 billion expressions of God on this planet looking back at themselves, completely ignorant of who they are looking at. So caught up with their way of being right, their belief system, their judgments, that they neglect where they are walking and who they are walking with. In church the priest would say, “Brothers and sisters this is the good news.” Brothers and sisters baffled me, but now I understand, we are all of God’s children. Expressing the divine.”

So if I judge you or condemn you, I go to God for forgiveness, saying, “God forgive me for judging or condemning your child, let me see you in them, let me see past the smoke of the mind, and see love in them.”  So I keep taking up forgiveness in God till I see them truly as they are.  This is why love heals, love is who we are. We are not separate, special, or meant to hate each other.  This is hard work, because people find their pride a lot more important than humility. It take a strong person to let go of pride and be humbled in God. Humility is turning to God within and saying, “I have no idea what is going on, or what to do, so I will listen like a child, to wisdom, and I will not move till I am inspired too.”

Put the weapon of pride down, be humbled by the omnipresence of God.

Put down your weapons of resistance known as judgment, condemnation, and gossip, and find love within.

You are love itself. Shine it out! It is never to late to shine!

David Matthew Brown, Dad, Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Blogger. David graduated from Agape International Spiritual Center, has led workshops, facilitated groups, led bereavement support, crisis support, and speaks on rotation at Unity Burbank and Antelope Valley. He is the published author of, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening”. David’s powerful message has been heard in America and Canada. He is also a proud Dad.

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