Wait…Where? May 12, 2014

Sitting in a waiting room, a woman approached another man next to me, and his face lit up as she approached, he stood up to meet her and she said, “How is your heart?” and rubbed his heart.  As they continued their conversation, he asked, “How is it going?”  She sighed, “Well staying off drugs and not drinking is a moment by moment experience, but I continue to stay here and stay grounded in support and love.”  He listened, then responded, “Yes I know it is tough, but that is why we have our hearts, to help us overcome the mind.”  She reached over and rubbed his heart, “Thank you for helping me so much, you are my blessing.” They hugged, and parted ways.

As he sat down next to me, he went back to his cell. It was quite moving to watch her rub his heart and ask, “How is your heart?” It was so loving, personal, and intimate without it being anything other than affection and love of a friend.  That is love.

The mind is hungry for food. It wants to eat the past and spit it out, it wants the future, it wants, it wants, it wants.  It wants to separate, judge out there, it wants to be something, have something, and then it wants more of it, it is not still.  The world seems to strive for war, conflict, and yet runs from peace.

Where am I? I am. Who am I? I am.  I am now.  I am here. I am.  End of story.  Beginning of everything.  Most people are looking for inner peace.  The house, car, money, are wonderful, but meet someone with inner peace, and they are rich. Not letting anyone disturb your inner peace is the practice. So practice today inner peace.

The discovery is “I AM”.

   David Matthew Brown: Dad, Speaker, Author, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening”. He has appeared on Radio/TV and facilitates and teaches Meditation, Heart Breathing, Play shops, and Breathing.

His Sessions are geared to living here completely, “Inner Peace Is You”, contact David to set up sessions:




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