Walk it

Walk it July 3, 2014

   Happy 4th of July!! May it be safe, fun, and filled with laughter!

Yesterday we talked about dropping the books, and today we talk about spectating.  Sunday marks my 4th anniversary at Unity Burbank Center Spiritual Awareness, 4 years and over 48 talks. It is such a blessing to speak and share. I share from a place of humor, personal story, and experience.  Relaying to my audience ways in which I have learned or am still learning on moving through the muck, moving with love, and faith filled with questions. We must always question our beliefs and what we believe.  I encourage my audience to not trust me, but instead go out and find out for yourself.

We use to be in a paradigm where the teacher, speaker, minister, priest, monk, Guru, or whoever would speak about living love, and we would listen and go about our lives. Then we would use that talk as our own knowledge, as if we too had experienced it, and share the “nice” idea with our friends or even use it against them. But we are here on this planet to experience, learn, listen, grow, and laugh. When I look at Buddha, or Jesus, or the Bible, they aren’t any different from you or I.  The difference is they are testimonials of love, and they are encouraging us to live from love. And frankly that takes some work, effort, humility, and sincerity.

I love people who speak and share from their hearts, their lives, from a place of mistakes, falling down, and getting up.  There is nothing comfortable about stepping into love and walking it.  You will be presented with many opportunities. It is not easy to be you. Everyone wants you to live their way, everyone wants you to stay nice, stay with the group, and not search for something bigger.  Because the moment you go outside to play big, that has everyone in your life having to look at themselves and most people don’t want too, and since they don’t want to grow, it is easy to judge, criticize, and condemn.  Don’t you find it sick and gross, that the majority of the people in Rome chose the  criminal over Jesus to survive.  That speaks a lot about the collective story we contribute to.

And yes with each action, word, or movement you make you are contributing to the collective story. So each of us matters, love matters, you matter, so I encourage you to practice each day, in getting quiet, forgiving, letting go, questioning your leaders, and yourself.  Why do you believe what you believe? Why do you watch what you watch on TV? Does watching the news inform you or scare you? Who is the who that is fearing? What is love? Who am I? What am I? Why am I so frightened to be alone?  Find the answers in quiet time. Take a hike, walk, and talk to the divine in you. Start a dialogue.  You are amazing, now discover it and know it.

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