When Books Get In The Way

When Books Get In The Way July 2, 2014

   There will come a time when books, talks, and all the rest of it will have done their job. The job of scripture, A Course In miracles is to guide you inward. Which is wonderful, but then we have to let them go and experience what they are pointing too. They are great pointers to the heart.  But when we start sharing them, without experience of our own then we are not really helping humanity rise, or ourselves really.  Each of us is a living example of love.  We pray, affirm, and acknowledge God in us and all things.  Then we go into the world to experience life, and love fully.

I find it more impressive for example watching an athlete talk about their craft, because they have run into hard times, failure, success, and yet they have the drive to rise up.  You don’t have book for that. It is all happening now.  But the athlete is training, learning, getting better.  We are the same. Our training is in meditation, prayer, and affirmations. Then we have to let it all go and go into it.  And experience what love truly is now.

There are stories everyday of people who are helping people, people who are changing, heck the story of Scrooge is one of salvation.  A man who is mean, and discovers through many experiences of past, present and future spirits what his life will end like.  So even he is given a second chance.  Every one on this planet is given a second chance or five to be better than who they were. But that is not for us to judge, God is in all things and uses everyone.   But we are called to keep getting up everyday with gratitude, and good intention knowing that we can do it. What ever “do it” is for you!  Be your best everyday. That is all we can ask of ourselves.

In spiritual circles we have Jesus, Buddha, and other masters who were pointing the way. But remember even Jesus said, “You can do what I do, and more”. So his invitation wasn’t to be like him, but be better. Sounds like a good coach, or parent.  Passing the baton, “Go be love! You can do it!”  So with that, let down your books, and experience love as you.  Then go back and pick up your books to remind you when you feel lost, but watch being co-dependent on them.  Off to work.


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