3 Parts: I Am Leaving…

3 Parts: I Am Leaving… July 15, 2014

   Welcome! I have really enjoyed sharing with you over the past years here on Patheos.  I hope that you have gleamed from this blog, that you matter. This is part 1 of 3 parts. I am signing off of Patheos Spirituality as of July 29th, so on July 29th you will read part 3.

There were three son’s who became very wealthy. On their mom’s birthday they each decided to get her something. The first son bought her a house, the second son bought her a car, and the third son knew his mom loved the bible but could not read it like she used too, so he bought her a parrot who could recite the bible to her. About two weeks later, they all received letters. She said to the first son, “Thank you for the home but at my age it is to big,” to her second son she said, “Thank you for the car but I can’t drive,” and finally to her third son she said, “Thank you for the chicken it was good.”

Heaven on earth is real, each of us in it.  It is here. Right here we merge the human and the spiritual.  When we are not present in our lives, we blame the human or the spiritual, but those words are divider’s, no matter how good the intention is.  The beauty of your presence is that you don’t need make-up to be beautiful, you are enough now, beautiful now, and alive now.  Our goal if there is one, is to rest fully here, and live love.  Love is action, the action arises from the presence.  We rest in silence connecting to the essence.  The essence of all life.  This is where we all meet. No words. Words create love or comparing. But as we rest in the greater essence of life, the same essence which grows the tree’s, flowers, earth with ease, patience, and love, we begin to speak less, and listen more.

In the now, there is no end, only beginning’s.  Find time to rest in quiet, and listen. Put down your books, and stop quoting others, and start sharing your experience.  Frankly, I don’t really know what spiritual means or human, because those words mean so much and they are different to everyone, but I can rest now, and practice resting now.  Not waiting till I die to rest in peace, but discover peace now, peace here.

I brought up at my workshop on the heart that if you have time to judge, criticize, condemn, hate, hurt, or even worrying, then perhaps you are not living fully present, and you are not living fully. Something to contemplate. Live love. True education is learning about yourself and others. When we judge, criticize, or condemn others, we are dead inside. Love is alive. And forgiveness is our eraser. When we see others in pain, they are calling out for love.

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