Be Here, Now

Beloved ones, there is only one reality. But most of you experience two.  When you look out into the world and see all that is unfolding, you become defensive, scared, and fear based. People become your enemy, relationships become battlegrounds, and companies competition takes over.  But when you inhabit the inner body fully and fully [Read More…]

Secrets of the Heart

Beloved ones. Society has many uses of judgement. We are constantly judging our neighbor, putting them down, gossiping, and other negative ways in which we judge.  And yet when we are alone at night and it is quiet, does not the essence of who you are know the truth? You may deny this truth with [Read More…]


Beloved ones, when we look at the presence, it is unfolding in a divine and sacred way. This moment is quite holy and yet we cover it up with the past and feed the future. When we realize that the future, the past, and present are one then all can shift.  We don’t quite understand [Read More…]

Gabriel Speaks Up

Beloved ones the truth is shockingly simple and yet you fret at such an idea. The concept of enlightenment has always been made for the adventurer, journeyman, seeker, and yet when put in your face, you still can not see the simplicity of where you are.  Beloved means BE LOVED. You are loved by so [Read More…]

Gabriel wants to Speak

Listen to what the last message is. Stop dancing around the truth which is that you are the light of the world.  Your light is so immense that when you contemplated the magnitude of it all, it put you back into give up mode, or what you call “sticking to what you know.” There is [Read More…]

Light of the word

Dear ones it is time to snuggle up to your own light. You may have trouble seeing the light or even understanding the simple, yet profound essence of the power you are, but now is the time. There is no better time than now.  It doesn’t take learning lots of books to get here, or [Read More…]


Dear ones enjoy the words of a prophet and see if you have discovered the truth.   “The One Thing You Must Do –  By  Rumi 13th century Persian Poet & Sufi Philosopher “There is one thing in this world that you must never forget to do. If you forget everything else and not this, [Read More…]


Dear Ones, in Hebrew breath/spirit are one. The name they give it is Ruah.  Breath in by saying in your mind, “Ru” and breath out “Ah” . Use this throughout your Sunday. [Read more…]


Dear ones do you see what you stand for: “The two words united represent the idea of the God-conscious man; in other words Hu, God, is in all things and beings, but it is man by whom he is known. Human therefore may be said to mean God-conscious, God-realized, or God-man.” [Read more…]


Dear ones use this day to laugh. Laugh at yourself and life. Enjoy the healing time laughter brings you. Smile and laugh in nature and with friends. Laugh for no good reason. Reason got you here. Be unreasonable and laugh. [Read more…]