Most of you are thinking about physical gifts to give to friends and family. Let me invite you to embrace this season in a new way.  As most of you know the “present” moment is called the gift, because it is the present.  Most of us are opening the same gift of fear, over and [Read More…]

December 18th: Mother Marys Words: Awe

Look at the immense beauty all around you and know that it inside as well. Have that same AWE you have for this picture, for yourself. Be in AWE of the LOVE you  are. If you can see yourself as I see you, your world would change in a second. And you would call it [Read More…]

December 17th: Mother Marys Words: I belong

Hello fellow lovers of life.  Here is a wonderful song you can sing from your heart. Sing it in the morning when you awake and use it as your prayer.  I BELONG and this is my song.  Glorious two words.  I belong. And since you do, everyone does.  You were created from the highest idea, [Read More…]

December 16th: Mother Marys Words: Students of Love

Hello students of love. Today our course work is on being a student of love.  Everyone is teaching you about your love. Showing you back inside yourself. You are love and love is all there is. Can you remember the first time you fell in love? The discovery, the smells, the everything. Can you remember [Read More…]

December 15th: Mother Marys Words: The Robber

Each of you have been given the kingdom of heaven on earth.  Yet your kingdom’s are under attack.  Now many are use to the attack, and have not yet asked the obvious question, “What is attacking you?Where is the attack coming from? How long can you keep fighting?” Isn’t that what a good leader would [Read More…]

Mother Marys Words: Your TRUE nature is loving

What is the nature of your breath? Your mind? The body? The spirit? When you can be with the essence of them, you will finally know that you are love and that love is simple. The breath is simply breathing itself. That is its function. Spend time contemplating the breath and feel its essence. Your [Read More…]

Mother Mary’s Words: Beauty Heart

My angels there is something so extraordinary about beauty, everyone has it. But not everyone knows it. Some spend their entire lives in their physical bodies searching it out, out there, as though they can possess it, and yet it goes away like the wind. And love laughs, because it knows it can not possess [Read More…]

Mother Mary’s Words: Welcome Home to Love

Mother Mary: As we approach another Christmas, a lot of people are focused on material giving and less on love, forgiveness, and healing. Most are concerned with meeting family, friends, which they have not seen for awhile. Their concern is always about fighting, rehashing, old habits, addictions, and less on forgiveness. This holiday season I [Read More…]