Fr. Leo Gives the POTUS the Finger on the HHS Mandate?

It’s Presidents Day here in the U.S., and I’m on holiday. That means I get to do “honey-do’s” while the rest of the family goes and watches a matinee. But before I light into the list of chores I’ve been given, I wanted to share this gem I uncovered on the HHS Mandate.

I’m a history buff, see? The photograph above is of the crew of the USS Pueblo. Remember the Pueblo Incident? She was boarded by the North Koreans in 1968 in “international waters” and her crew was hauled off and imprisoned for 10 months. During their internment, the crew figured a way to let folks know that they were resisting. Guess what that way was?

They told their captors that they were making the Hawaiian Good Luck sign.

Father Leo Patalinghug, one of my wife’s favorite priests (the one who literally cooks at Grace Before Meals), has produced a little video he claims “contains too much truth for HHS Mandate supporters to understand.” He too gives the Administration “the finger,” much like we all need to, in the All-American example given us by the crew of the Pueblo, as they followed the Code of Conduct.

Take it away, Father Leo.

YouTube Preview Image

I told you he can cook! Here’s the information he includes under the video at YouTube.

For more information, please check out the following links:

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Also, read all about the Pueblo and “The Digit Affair” over at

  • Gina

    Completely cheesy, but totally gets the point across. :) Great find. Well done, Father!

  • Gloria

    Very disrespectful – at least take off the Roman Collar– does nothing but put us in the same class of barbarians- we’re supposed to “be better”.

    • Frank Weathers

      Gloria, I disagree. Fr. Leo doesn’t give the Administration “the Finger” like the crew of the Pueblo did. He gives a text book case of fraternal correction. As for what the crew of the Pueblo did, that is history that I doubt you knew about until today. Yes?

      • Gloria

        No, I’m well aware of the “history”– the message is correct- it’s the barbaric delivery I question.

  • Mary Baxa

    I am thankful that Fr Leo and other Catholic leaders are standing up to Obama. And I love his method! Maybe the Obama administration will wake up the the justice that has struck the Church. Maybe the Church will wake up and rid itself of the arrogant Socialist tyrant ruling this great country while there is still time to save it!

  • Gloria

    Ok- (Second try) I’ ll bring down ” barbaric” to “poor adolescent humor” – Please monitor poor judgement of “adults” when this was presented– “the finger” – concept is not good adult conversation when you are a Christian.

    • Jose

      I think you’re way off! Fr. Leo DOESN’T give the president the finger. He’s using “shock” technique as it is used in modern media. In fact, he was quite respectful, and very effective in proving his point. And, while you may not like the “method” I don’t think Fr. Leo is trying to reach the intellectually gifted, but the common folk who just don’t understand the problem. The fact that you may not get it, and had to rephrase your judgment / words, shows that you need a check on your own sense of humor. Just saying… this was fantastic and caught my attention to something I didn’t even know was a problem! So, way to go Fr. Leo!

  • Jo Joyce

    Awesome! I’m in my 50′s and I totally get this presentation. I know it is geared toward younger (I have kids 12, 17, 20, & 23) and it will appeal to them. It is not disrespectful, it is truthful, and it backs up every statement with proof. It is funny and spot on! Prayers for you, Fr. Leo! Wish I lived near your parish!!! Laugh, and pass it on!

  • Mya Nameo

    I think it’s a hoot, and fraternal correction, BUT- The Declaration of Independence guarantees us nothing. It was well, our forefathers declaring their independence from England- important document but not a guarantee of anything. The CONSTITUTION guarantees our freedoms.