Join Catholics worldwide on Tuesday, Nov. 23 as we pray the Rosary for the persecuted Christians in Iraq. This is yet another effort to strengthen our Iraqi brothers and sisters in Christ. My friend Dan told me about this proposal and referred me to a website promoting it.How fitting these prayers will happen Tuesday, when we pray the Sorrowful Mysteries. Christians have been praying the Rosary for 800 years. They are powerful prayers. Sister Lucia of Jesus told us: “The Most… Read more

Today Catholic worshipers across the globe are commemorating the Solemnity of Christ the King. Pope Pius XI established this feast day in 1925 in the wake of what was supposed to be the “war to end all wars” as a way to combat secularism. We need this feast day now, more than ever.We end the liturgical year meditating on a King who died without a Kingdom in this world, a King assassinated by political authorities who found his message of… Read more

Guest Post by James P. McCollum Jr.Mr. McCollum is a Houston lawyer who mostly practices immigration law. He is a graduate of The University of Texas Law School and a graduate of Duke University. I grew up with him in suburban New York, where we called him “Jimmy.” In recent months, we have reconnected in cyberspace and it has been wonderful to share thoughts about our  faith. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that prudence is the “charioteer” of the… Read more

Sending letters to the Nuncio was a great idea to let our embattled brothers and sisters in Iraq know we care. And with a little help from our friends (like the Anchoress and Father Robert Barron and many other bloggers—thanks!), the letter post  “read ’round the world” was shared by 384 people on Facebook and resulted in 2400+ people reading the post. We’re not sure how many e-mails the Nuncio received, but we will let you know what we find… Read more

—Feast of the Dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter and PaulMartyrdom has been on our minds here at YIMCatholic lately. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once wrote that “death is the affirmation of the purpose of life in an otherwise meaningless existence.”Our Lord led by example, was killed, and buried, by the well meaning and peace-keeping Proconsul named Pilate.Jesus was an irritant, see, and Pilate, though knowing in his heart that He was innocent, had Him killed anyway. As Father… Read more

Back in November of 2007, it never would have crossed my mind that I would stand in front of my parishes RCIA group giving a talk on the Communion of Saints. And yet three years later that is exactly where I found myself.A few weeks ago I asked our readers here for pointers on what I should cover. Then, I put together a killer slide show and even planned to show a clip (or two) from the movie The Reluctant… Read more

Feast of St. Albert the Great Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, and Drums.  This is the Golden Mean ratio of Rock ‘n Roll, folks. It is like π, a constant that is both routine and mysterious. Proven, like the four man fire-team of a Marine rifle squad. Robust, like the Ford V-8 engines, big-block or small, that spanked the whiz-bang V-12 Ferrari’s (large and small) at the 24 Hours of Le Mans four consecutive times (1966-1969).In a word, classic. Much like the… Read more

Libraries have always been one of my favorite places on earth. Just ask anyone who knows me. I’m especially fond of public libraries. But  private ones are nice too.Pope Benedict XVI is a gifted writer so it probably comes as no surprise that he loves books and libraries as well. But I still love it when my Pope says that “we are keeping the library!”Far from being simply the fruit of the accumulation of a refined bibliophile and of a hobby… Read more

I remember listening to America’s Top Forty with Casey Kasum while I was growing up, do you? While I was fooling around at You Tube preparing for the MfM music post, I replayed the beautiful Hail Mary prayer that is in Arabic that I posted on Friday. I soon realized that there is a ton of Christian music in Arabic posted over there.So like the people who used to call in to Casey (who is of Lebanese Druze family heritage),… Read more

Originally posted back on September 16th, the Feast of St. Cyprian, I am breaking this post out of the archives again. The recent killings of parishioners at Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad bring the title of this post into stark relief with the events that transpired there on All Hallows Eve. St Cyprians words do not alleviate the pain, nor do they erase this tradgedy from our minds. But they do point to something larger than ourselves: the truth… Read more

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