Posted by Webster I am the world’s slowest reader. I love long novels. Go figure. The two Catholic novels I have enjoyed most are very long. Still first on my list is Kristin Lavransdatter (1100+ pages), which I wrote about here and here. But closing fast is Island of the World (800+), which I finished today.Kristin is a woman’s story written by a woman, 1928 Nobelist Sigrid Undset. Island, by present-day Canadian novelist Michael O’Brien, is all man—the life story of… Read more

Posted by Webster  Living where I do, outside Boston, I am surrounded by Catholics. Being Catholics of our times, many of them, born into the Church, have left it. This is a strange burden for me, only two years a Catholic, to bear. By what lottery was I called to this faith now, nearing the age of 60? By what turn of the wheel have these Catholics, who adored the Church of their childhood, fled it like a frightening memory… Read more

Posted by Webster Sean McGaughey over at Catholic Roundup did something very nice for YIM Catholic over the weekend. He and “colleagues” Nancy and Sarah (I think “family members” is more like it) put together an audio promo for this blog.That is flattering, of course, but the promo also does a nice job of capturing what Frank and I are trying to do here. It is, as another reader has already commented, tenderhearted. Frank discovered the promo posted on our FaceBook… Read more

Posted by Webster A snowstorm in New England brings out shovels, not Catholics. After an all-night storm, with high drifting winds, we didn’t have our usual compliment at the 8:15 (where I read with Ferde) or the 10:30 (where our choir was reduced to a few hardy souls). But the Blessed Mother was in the house. I know that now.Two years back, at a family picnic, I wasn’t so sure. My wife’s cousin, a devout Catholic, asked me why I had… Read more

One of the neatest things about being Catholic is that I can go to Mass anywhere in the world and feel comfortable. I never felt that way beforehand. Growing up as a non-denominational Christian, we visited other churches rarely and when we did, it felt weird. As a result, when on vacation we just skipped church. We didn’t know anyone, and we really weren’t missing anything except a sermon and who knew if that was going to be any good?… Read more

Posted by WebsterBeing a Catholic is way too much fun for one man. Last night, a Christmas party. This morning, wake up to a great post by Frank on the liturgy for Advent. Now, men’s group in the basement of our church, a foundation stone of my week. Does it get any better than this?Mike, one of the humblest guys in the group, spoke about humility. I took a picture of Mike leading the meeting. Is it significant that the… Read more

Posted by Webster I went to a Christmas party last night and spent the first hour talking about religion with a professed atheist and a cradle Catholic who has fallen away from the Church. How do you get such a three-way conversation started at a Christmas party that’s not especially religious? Easy. You drop a stink-bomb in front of the atheist by asking the cradle Catholic if he has read your blog.Cradle Catholic: You have a blog?!Webster (nodding): Roger.Cradle Catholic: What’s… Read more

Posted by Frank We have been talking about men of the laity and their roles in the church lately. Because that is who we are, Webster and I, a couple of laymen in love with the Church and trying to share that with others. There’s much in the liturgy of Advent to help us reflect on the roles of men and women.Take for instance this verse from today’s Gospel reading where the Angel Gabriel tells Zechariah of the coming birth… Read more

Posted by Webster Recently, this blog spurred a genteel debate on the Church’s “just war” doctrine vs. the pacifism of arch-Catholic Dorothy Day (pictured here). Leave it to G. K. Chesterton to bridge the gap between these positions in chapter 6 of Orthodoxy—all in one paragraph. There are times I want to accuse GKC of being a smarty-pants.But then if you were a card-carrying member of the YIM Catholic Book Club (details below), you would be up to speed on all… Read more

Posted by Webster As the only male in a household of women, I can say honestly that I did not become a Catholic to meet any more of them. I treasure my Catholic women friends, but as I review comments on recent posts—from fellow Catholic men—I realize that there’s a Catholic faith experience that is uniquely male. And I want more of that. It’s why I joined and remain active in our Saturday morning men’s group (left), even while recognizing that we… Read more

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