I first met Richard Gordon more than a decade ago, when my wife and I took a seminar on the energy healing technique “Quantum-Touch” in San Francisco. Curly-haired, confident, smiling and articulate, Richard engagingly taught a sensationally simple and effective hands-on healing technique. Literally sensational. Feel your hands, he instructed us. Put those hands on a painful or ailing area of the person receiving the healing. Inhale deeply. And exhale fully and strongly into your hands, “running the energy” into the other person. Keep on feelin’,… Read more

Just about everyone has an active interest in health: you want to stay healthy or get healthy. And since no one is perfectly healthy, everyone wants to heal. And if you want to heal–really, truly get better and stay better–you have to take the mind-body connection into account. How do you do that? Read more

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