Advice from energy healer Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch

I first met Richard Gordon more than a decade ago, when my wife and I took a seminar on the energy healing technique “Quantum-Touch” in San Francisco. Curly-haired, confident, smiling and articulate, Richard engagingly taught a sensationally simple and effective hands-on healing technique. Literally sensational.

Feel your hands, he instructed us. Put those hands on a painful or ailing area of the person receiving the healing. Inhale deeply. And exhale fully and strongly into your hands, “running the energy” into the other person. Keep on feelin’, breathin’ and healin’. (Hey, this was San Francisco.)

What I liked most about the technique was that is demystified hands-on healing. Anybody could be a healer, Richard asserted, by simply concentrating attention in the physical sensation of the hands, inhaling deeply, and then exhaling that extra-large energy via the hands to the other person. Simple. Direct. Effective. An inherent human talent. Over the years, I found Richard’s confidence in the effectiveness of his technique well-founded, as I used Quantum-Touch to soothe family members and friends (including animal friends, like my 19-year-old quantum-cat, Suzie.) 

(You don’t have to take my word for the power of the technique. Visit, where you can watch testimonials about Quantum-Touch helping people with sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, skin ulcers, and many other minor and major health problems.)

Just last week I had the pleasure of a reunion with Richard. He has a new book out, The New Human: Quantum Touch 2.0 (North Atlantic, 2013). I had pitched a story on energy healing to my editor at Bottom Line Personal, based on the book, and she’d given me the go-ahead. (Bottom Line Personal is a bi-weekly, 400,000-circulation print newsletter from Bottom Line Publications. Now I was on the phone with Richard, once again enjoying his energetic, spirited, thoughtful company. Also on the phone call was co-author Chris Duffield, PhD, a former visiting scholar at Stanford University.

The difference between Quantum-Touch 1.0 and 2.0…? Rather than employing your hands as the main tool, 2.0 employs your heart.

Once again, you feel–your heart area. Once again you inhale deeply–into your heart. Once again you exhale deeply–from your heart, to the other person, and to their pain, ailment or predicament. You do so with steady attention (a quality Richard equates with love) and with a specific healing intention. The person receiving the healing can be standing right next to you or thousands of miles away. Distance doesn’t matter, Richard says. The life-force and love activated by Quantum-Touch 2.0 has none of the conventional limitations insisted upon by scientific materialists. There is no distance between hearts.

(Needless to say, this description of Quantum-Touch 2.0 is a blog-brief condensation of a technique that Richard takes a book to adequately explicate. I’m fortunate enough to have the book by my side as I write, and I highly recommend it. The endorsement on the front cover, from the founding director of the Centre on Behavioral Health at the University of Hong Kong, says, “Probably the most important new publication in the world.” Well, even if it’s the third or fourth most important, it’s probably worth your time. You can also find out more about the technique at

“Healing is a function of life-force energy,” Richard told me. “When the practitioner learns to raise his or her vibration through breathing, body awareness and love, the person receiving the energy resonates with that higher vibration, and the body’s innate spiritual intelligence ‘decides’ how to use the energy for optimum benefit.”

Have you received or given energy healing? If so, what was your experience? 

To your health, Bill Gottlieb, CHC (









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