Advice from energy healer Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch

I first met Richard Gordon more than a decade ago, when my wife and I took a seminar on the energy healing technique "Quantum-Touch" in San Francisco. Curly-haired, confident, smiling and articulate, Richard engagingly taught a sensationally simple and effective hands-on healing technique. Literally sensational.Feel your hands, he instructed us. Put those hands on a painful or ailing area of the person receiving the healing. Inhale deeply. And exhale fully and strongly into your hands, "run … [Read more...]

Can your mind heal your body?

Just about everyone has an active interest in health: you want to stay healthy or get healthy. And since no one is perfectly healthy, everyone wants to heal. And if you want to heal--really, truly get better and stay better--you have to take the mind-body connection into account. Starting with stress...The world is a stressful place, full of difficulty, threat and loss. When those stressors are internalized--when you feel stressed--you can experience unrelieved frustration and tension. And … [Read more...]