Addendum: Steven Furtick Needs Your Seat

Thanks to a heads-up from Matt Stout, the following “Code” from the Elevation Church website is presented without comment as an addendum to yesterday’s post:

Ok, maybe one comment. When a church publicly declares that it is built on “the vision God gave Pastor Steven” and will “aggressively defend that vision” and then threatens you that it “needs your seat” if you are all about your “personal preference”, and finally compares itself to a high-end steakhouse chain and brags about its obsession with numerical success – then I’d hate to see what is going on in private, behind the scenes, under the surface. Because that kind of overt arrogance is guaranteed to be backed by something even worse.

Also, don’t rip off “The Code” from my beloved Dexter and use it for your silly, controlling religious document. Seriously.

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