About Levi Holland

Levi is a husband, father, pastor, teacher, and coffee shop owner. His life consists of breaking down the boundaries between all of these distinctions, to live a life of integrity and service.

#Ferguson: Finding Room in the Grieving [Levi Holland]

As I sat with a colleague, his question was, “With everything going on in Ferguson, what is the church’s response? We should be doing something!” It's a question I’m sure many people who care about humanity have asked. Should we join the protests? Should we advocate for equality by exposing the evil in this racial injustice? How do we do it in a way that is respectful to the victims of this tragedy? How do we do it in an integral way, not barging in as if we have all of the right answers, much li … [Read more...]

Ending Well [Levi Holland]

Leaving a place that has become home is difficult. It's unnatural really. We connect to a place and a people, understand the lay of the land and the ethic of a society. To simply uproot is not only becoming increasingly unpopular within a "local movement" orientation, but it is incredibly painful. This is a story about my family doing just that, uprooting from one place to replant ourselves in another.Ending well, as I have learned, is an artform, not a template. When I told 30 students and … [Read more...]

Doing Nothing [Levi Holland]

Call it consumeristic, call it good stewardship, call it being efficient and productive, whichever we choose, there is a sense of needing to accomplish things from which to derive our worth. Numbers aren't everything, but they tell a story of doing something right, right? The amount of people we "win" for Christ tells a story of proclaiming the gospel, correct? Why, then, do I not see this as my goal as one who has been called to pastor and preach? How does this not seem to be the nature of the … [Read more...]