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On Scripture

All in the Family (Genesis 25:19-34)

By Nyasha Junior. Student loan debt in America by the numbers. Irresponsible. Foolish. Impulsive. Recent college graduates with substantial student loans are sometimes regarded in these terms. Those who attended college decades ago, with a $15 per credit hour, may assume that these graduates are spoiled Millennials who “should have known better” than to agree [Read More...]

Living a Holy Adventure

On Families and Faith: A Response to Mary Eberstadt’s “How the West Really Lost God”

Our congregations should make families key to our ministries, but we should support the health of families regardless of their constitution.

The Spiritual Landscape

The Complexity of Contextual Ministry

Contextual ministry requires attention to local needs, especially when those needs don't match the standard urban model.

Edgy Exegesis

Which Wolf Are You Feeding? Reflections on Romans 8:1-11

Just because we are susceptible to sin doesn't mean we're doomed to be sinners.

Mark Roberts

Sabbath: Axis of Rest

At Art House America, Shelly Miller writes about how Sabbath is an axis of rest in times of...

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Edges of Faith

The Gospel of Murrieta and Migrants

Once, Joseph, Mary, and the infant Jesus fled in the middle of the night to escape a murderous ruler. Unfortunately, upon reaching the borders of Egypt, they were met with protesters, taken into custody, and soon deported back to their native land. The day after they were sent back, Herod completed his massacre of the [Read More...]

Opening the Old Testament

Characters Like These: Reflections on Genesis 25:19-34

However much we want to claim they we are not like these very human characters; in fact, we are. We are Jacob; we are Esau; we are Abraham and Sarah.

Sarcastic Lutheran

Stop Saying the Church is Dying (a sermon for the Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly)

  A week ago I was fortunate enough to be standing near a cliff in Cappadocia, Turkey taking in the view of hundreds of caves carved from volcanic rock in an alien looking valley. My friend Sara asked what I was thinking about. When I confessed that I was worrying about preaching at my Synod’s [Read More...]