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Leo Brunnick
CEO and Founder

Leo is the Founder and CEO of Patheos. Over the past 5 years, he conceived of, designed, founded and raised the capital for Patheos. Leo built the product and the business models, staffed the team, oversaw the day-to-day operations, and brought the business to sustainability. All of this was possible only by:

  1. Creating mutually beneficial media partnerships with existing players, to quickly establish a new brand
  2. Leveraging the latest technologies (including an innovative cloud-hosting model for the site) to create a cost-effective solution
  3. Using the latest techniques in Social Media, to bring millions of people to this new brand, without spending a single dollar on advertising or key-words

Patheos is now the largest Religion and Spirituality site on the web, and the recognized brand leader in its space.

Before Patheos, Leo:

  1. Graduated from Harvard University
  2. Served as a Marine Corps officer, in combat, in the 1st Gulf War
  3. Received an MBA in Finance
  4. Worked as a Process and Technology Consultant at Andersen Consulting
  5. Was a C-level officer at a public Internet software company (Vignette, NASD VIGN, acquired by Open Text), where he led, in turn, Engineering/IT, Products and Strategy, and Marketing.

Leo is a uniquely qualified expert at the intersections of Business, Finance, Media, Technology, and Religion. As a part of the Patheos Labs efforts, Leo works to help leaders of other emerging organizations get to the next level.

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