1More Film Blog is Moving!

1More Film Blog is Moving! February 23, 2016


Hello everyone.

Beginning later this week, I will be moving 1More Film Blog back to standalone hosting.

What’s changing:

  • I’ll be at a different web host.
  • The WordPress theme will be different, allowing me to feature more content on the front page and, I hope, making it easier to explore.
  • More descriptive excerpts for sharing on social media and scanning new content.
  • Fewer ads, including no more streaming video ads, pop-ins, or intrusive ads.
  • New content will no longer appear at the Patheos Entertainment channel.
  • No more e-mail “newsletter” informing you of new content.

What’s not changing:

  • Will still have the Inconspicuously Christian motto.
  • Will still have interviews and reviews of classic films and new releases.
  • Occasional junket, set-visit, and film festival reports.
  • Guest writers who ad more great content.


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