TIFF 2014 — Love & Mercy

I love art, including music. My life has been enriched by it. But I will never, ever, think of a song or a novel or a film, however brilliant, as a fair trade for someone else’s suffering. [Read more...]


Role Models? Dolphin Tale 2 Cast Embrace Chance to Influence Young People

Although they are only 16, these actors realize the importance of highlighting their maturity if they wish to be treated with the same respect. Their relationships with the rest of the cast members, including those playing their parents and other authority figures, emphasize mutual respect [Read more...]

dolphin tale 2

Dolphin Tale 2 (Smith, 2014)

Okay, I admit that Dolphin Tale 2 is probably not the kind of movie I would have screened in a theater if the film’s publicity unit hadn’t twisted my arm a little. But you know what? I’m kind of glad they did. [Read more...]


Video: TIFF 2014 — The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game can’t decide if it wants to be about Alan Turing’s life or his work, so it does a little of both, neither particularly well. [Read more...]


Video: TIFF 2014 Reviews — Backcountry

A video review of Backcountry, which premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. [Read more...]

Photo by AKOORIS - © James Franco

TIFF 2014: The Sound and the Fury

Nearly everything in the lead up to The Sound and the Fury’s (★★★) North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival screamed to me to run the other way. [Read more...]


Video: TIFF 2014 Reviews — Gemma Bovery

An entertaining update on Madame Bovary, adapted from Posy Simmonds’s graphic novel. [Read more...]


TIFF 2014: The Clouds of Sils Maria

Assayas has provided his three actresses with a script that really allows them to showcase their acting chops — Stewart in particular is a minor revelation. [Read more...]


Blake Rayne Interview: Identical Star Discusses Learning from a Pro

Blake Rayne says film acting was “always on my bucket list of things” but that without the connections or time to pursue it, he wasn’t sure it would ever happen. The story of how he was cast in the double role of Ryan Wade/Drexel Hemsley is, in a way, as archetypal as the one The [Read More...]


The Thin Place #49: Supermensch

Do you believe in karma? Why did Shep Gordon beg John Lennon to have his picture taken with Anne Murray? Who created the celebrity chef? What really happened the night Alice Cooper didn’t bite the head off of a chicken? And can *anyone* just drop in at Shep’s home in Maui? Ken and Todd discuss Mike Myers’s endearing (perhaps too endearing) portrait of the king of all the talent managers. [Read more...]