Reggie Nicholson, in "Farewell to Hollywood"

Farewell to Hollywood (Corra and Nicholson, 2015)

This documentary about the relationship between a filmmaker and his dying young protégée is both troubling and inspiring, but never boring. [Read more...]

THE WIDOWMAKER photo courtesy of Oxford Films

The Widowmaker (Forbes, 2015)

We are told at the beginning of The Widowmaker, Patrick Forbes’s slow but efficient documentary, that more Americans (600,000) die from heart attacks each year than from all forms of cancer combined. [Read more...]


Coming Soon: Bite Size, Libera in America

Young people tend to be one of the more stereotyped groups in fiction films, so I tend to be attentive to documentaries about them [Read more...]


Gotham Episode 1.17 Recap: The Red Hood

I am not sure how I feel with what seems to be an odd rush to get the Joker in the show somehow. [Read more...]


Out of the Dark (Quílez, 2014)

Either Out of the Dark had the misfortune to be released too soon in the wake of The Babadook or–more likely–horror films in general are a bit too formulaic for my taste. [Read more...]

A celebratory moment in "McFarland, USA"

McFarland, USA (Caro, 2015)

“McFarland, USA” may not deviate much from the underdog sports movie playbook. But it’s so winningly done that I hardly cared. [Read more...]


In Defense of “To Kill a Mockingbird” — A Response to Roger Ebert

Who says hope can’t be grounded in truth? [Read more...]

shaft and shaft

From the Vault: Shaft (Singleton, 2000)

Shaft is still a ladies man, but the promiscuity that was a staple of the 70s film has given way to a flirting almost, dare I say it, indifference. It seems as though the AIDS epidemic has helped turn pop culture epitomes of masculinity towards the stylish object of desire and away from the prowling sexual agent. [Read more...]


New and Noteworthy: The Mendoza Line, Running Wild, The Widowers, Bluebird

Capsule reviews of The Mendoza Line, The Widowers, Running Wild, and Bluebird [Read more...]

A pill-popping Soviet psychiatrist, sampling her wares

Rocks in my Pockets (Baumane, 2014)

Cliché alert! Signe Baumane’s debut feature film is an instant classic, thanks to evocative, inventive animation and its authentic, heartfelt look at mental illness. [Read more...]