Sharing: The Sign of a True Friend

Sharing: The Sign of a True Friend September 29, 2012

Sharing something sweet is the sign of a true friend and I feel privileged to be Rachna Chhabria’s.  She shared her Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award with me.  This award is given by British Fantasy Writer Lia Keys, founder of Scribblerati,  and ScribeChat on Twitter


Although Rachna Chhabria and I became instant friends and blog followers on Scribblerati, I only knew her by her bio and her writing. I got such a kick out of reading the list of Ten Unique Things About Rachna. We shared similarities, such as reading and writing multiple books simultaneously.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that I was now required, as a shared recipient, to write my own list. This took some soul searching because it can’t be just any ol’ list. It must be unique. Okay, Rachna, I’m up for the challenge. Here goes….

1.)I was born in Frankfurt, Germany to an American military family. At age five I had to go before a judge to give up my dual citizenship and declare my American citizenship.  After saying the Pledge of Allegiance, the judge asked me if I could show in any other way how much I wanted to be an American citizen. So I tap-danced to God Bless America.



2.)I was a first grader in Berlin, Germany the day the Berlin Wall went up. I watched it come down on TV while living in the United States.

3.)I am fourth generation Psychic. At the age of two I could see and hear ghosts.

4.)I love to scuba dive with sharks. I have never had a shark be aggressive toward me.


5.)I love to scuba dive with wild dolphin.  It is like having dogs play under water with you—Big time play time!  One dolphin handed me a piece of seaweed as a flower by using its tail like a hand.

6.)I never planned to be a writer. But like a kitten, my career chose me and I love it dearly.

7.)My doctors missed twice what my dreams and meditations were telling me—that I had cancer. My dreams proved to be right and my doctors wrong. I’m alive because I listened to myself, my Physician-within.


8.)My synchronicity number is 1111. I notice it on clocks all the time. My favorite color is green.

9.)I raised a wild baby blackbird on my Siamese cat’s food.  I have pictures of Fe-licks grooming Winky the bird. Winky still lives as a free bird in our backyard.

10.)My husband and I went for a boat ride and almost sank…we forgot to install the plug.





About the author: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos is  an author, radio co-host of Beynd the 5 Senses, and a Kathleen O’Keefe-kanavos, Berlin Germany, 2x breast cancer survivor who penned SURVIVING TRAUMALAND. Follow her on FB, T & LI from her website

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