June 23, 2024

  Yes, to Achieve Wealth, Trust the Universe To achieve wealth, stop thinking of all the reasons you CAN’T RECEIVE what you want.  Instead, just open yourself to allowing the Universe to deal with HOW it will come to you. Consequently, once you open yourself to all possibilities, giving thanks to God for fulling your desires, it will amaze you how many ways it can happen!  I encourage you to read a wonderful article written by Nanice Ellis, Contributing Writer... Read more

June 16, 2024

Yes, Achieving Wealth Means Re-Programming Yourself Achieving Wealth is possible if you RE-PROGRAM YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. Why do you think that some people achieve wealth and always seem to have everything they desire, and others don’t?   In the words of Joe Dispenza, the guru of positive thinking: “We’ve in fact conditioned ourselves to believe all sorts of things that aren’t’ necessarily true — and many of these things are having a negative impact on our health and happiness.” – Dr.... Read more

June 9, 2024

  Achieving Wealth – Seek Inspiration From Others! Yes, to achieve wealth, you can seek inspiration from others! For instance, read something inspirational before completing your Gratitude Letter to God.  This could be a Daily Devotional, or whatever works for you. I’m always reading one spiritual book or another.  Plus, I constantly go online and read about other peoples’ miracles.  And I am so grateful for the internet!  It has opened a whole new world for all of us!  We... Read more

June 2, 2024

  Achieving Wealth – Release All Resistance – Allow Wealth to Flow Yes, if you wish to achieve wealth, it will happen faster if you learn to release all resistance and allow God’s unlimited wealth to flow into your life. 1 Peter 5:7 says: “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”   Learning to accept that the System is set up to meet your every need is very difficult.  I know. And I admit that it took... Read more

May 27, 2024

Achieving Wealth Begins with “Thank You God!” Yes, achieving wealth begins with the statement, “Thank You God!”  Psalm 37:4 states:  “Delight yourself in the Lord,  and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Many people have a hard time even ASKING GOD for something, let alone THANKING GOD for it before they even receive it.  This could be due to the negative programming they received while growing up. My parents grew up during The Great Depression, so they had... Read more

May 19, 2024

      Achieving Wealth – Gratitude is the Answer! Yes, to achieve wealth, Gratitude is the answer!  You are God’s Beloved Child.  I explained that God has created a Trust Fund for each of you that contains unlimited resources.  The way to access these unlimited resources is to use your Password of “THANK YOU GOD.”  And the more you say, “THANK YOU GOD,” the more Divine Gifts you activate.  Accordingly, this is where that discipline that I mentioned in... Read more

May 12, 2024

Achieving Wealth – The Miracle of Forgiveness Yes, in achieving wealth, you will learn the miracle of forgiveness.  And you cannot learn the lesson of forgiveness too many times.  Plus, lack of forgiveness can keep you from Achieving the Wealth you desire.  As a matter of fact, an article in Positive Psychology Magazine states: “ Not only is forgiveness good for the soul, but it also has positive benefits on our mental and even physical wellbeing (Luskin, 2003).” Forgiving someone... Read more

May 5, 2024

ho Achieving Wealth, Your Thoughts Create Your Reality! Yes, your thoughts create your reality!  Every moment of every day, your THOUGHTS are creating your REALITY. Your thoughts are incredibly powerful! In the words of Jack Canfield: “You only have control over three things in your life, the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take.”  You have heard all about how to repeat Positive Affirmations, use Creative Visualization, how to create your Dream Board…you’ve heard it... Read more

April 28, 2024

Yes, Achieving Wealth – Consistency is the Key!  In Achieving Wealth, consistency is the key. Many of you are learning how powerful your mind is, and how important it is to control it.  As an illustration, you live your lives like the ball in a Pinball Machine by REACTING to events. You lose your job, BOING! You REACT. You get sick, BOING! You REACT.  A relationship fails, BOING! You REACT. Isn’t it time you stopped REACTING to events and challenges that come into your life... Read more

April 21, 2024

! Yes, Achieving Wealth is Easier Than You Think! It’s true that achieving wealth is easier than you think, if you know how to receive it.  Yet today I am seeing so much turmoil that many people find themselves in regarding job loss, the dramatically increasing cost of food and living expenses. And I have heard so much panic in the voices of my friends and family. So, I think it’s time to help you understand something. Despite the panic... Read more

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