Love Can Change the Hardest Heart

Love Can Change the Hardest Heart December 26, 2023

Love Can Change the Hardest Heart/Picture courtesy of Bing Copyright Free Images

Yes, Love Can Change the Hardest Heart

Love can change the hardest heart, if you continue to send that person love.  Love truly is the most powerful force in the Universe. As John 15:12 says, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

So if you find yourself struggling to get along with someone who always causes conflict, the first thing you need to understand is that person is unhappy for some reason, and they are taking it out on everyone else.

My Friend’s Obnoxious Landlady was Driving Her Crazy!

One of my girlfriends constantly complained about her landlady.  My friend couldn’t do anything right, according to this woman.

This woman complained to my friend that she didn’t park her car within the lines, that she played her TV too loud, or she came in too late when she should be at home asleep…the list of grievances went on and on.

I Told My Friend to Send This Woman Love

So I asked my friend what she was going to do about it.  She said, “What do you mean?  There’s nothing I can do about it!   Apparently I’ll just have to move!”

If she liked her apartment, then perhaps there was a way to stay.  I said, “OK, so how about you begin sending your landlady love love love!  It’s the most powerful force in the Universe.

“Your landlady is probably just lonely and disappointed in life.  She’s taking it out on you, but her complaining to you all the time may also be the only human contact she even has.  Are you willing to try?”

My Friend Decided to Give it a Try

Frankly my friend felt that it was a stupid idea and didn’t see how it would change anything.  I said, “OK, then either stop complaining or move.  The choice is yours.”

She grumbled, “OK, OK, I’ll give it a try.  It beats moving!”  I encouraged her to wake up each morning, close her eyes, and get an image of her landlady.  Then she was to see herself flinging out love and kisses to her.

Maybe she could do this a couple of minutes in the morning, all through the day when she thought of it, and before she went to sleep at night.

My Friend Almost Gave Up Trying

For the first two weeks, every time I called her she informed me that this was a dumb idea and it wasn’t working.  The landlady was just as obnoxious as before.  She really liked her apartment, so she decided to stick with it, hoping for a positive change in her landlady.

Then I reminded her that this elderly woman had a lifetime of negative energy built up, creating a barrier around herself.  And my friend was breaking down that barrier every time she sent her love.  She grumbled that she would continue doing it, even though she didn’t see how it was going to change anything.

Her Landlady Knocked on Her Door

As my friend went into the third week of sending love love love to the landlady, one evening there was a knock on her apartment door.  She peered through the peep hole and there was her landlady.

She silently groaned, “What have I done NOW to upset her?”  She opened the door…and there stood her landlady with a plate of cookies!

Her Landlady Made Her Some Cookies

When she got over the shock, her landlady said, “I was thinking about you today, and decided to try this new recipe for cookies.  I thought you might like to try them.”  She invited her in, made some coffee, and sat down and had a nice talk with her.

My Friend Got Her Landlady to Open Up

She remembered our discussion that perhaps her landlady was just lonely, so she encouraged her to talk about herself.  It turned out that they actually had a lot in common, and since that day they have become good friends!

Her Landlady Needed to Know She Mattered

There were no more complaints from her landlady!  Geez!  All she needed was for someone to show her some love and attention, and let her know she mattered. Now her beautiful soul is shining for everyone to see. Try it!  It really works!

A Relative Decided to Try Love Instead of a Divorce

I was talking to a relative of mine who was contemplating divorce.  She and her husband had raised two kids, who were now raising their own family, and there didn’t seem to be much love left in their marriage.

I asked her if this was what she really wanted, and she admitted that she had to do something about her feelings of loneliness.

She and Her Husband Had Grown Apart

Even though she and her husband lived in the same house, they no longer communicated with each other.  They never did anything together, and whenever she tried to talk to her husband about her feelings, his way of dealing with it was to get up and leave.

Try Sending Love to Her Husband

I suggested that before she made the rash decision to divorce, try this.  Find a picture of the two of them when they were happy together, like a wedding picture.

She could ask God to allow her to see the beautiful soul that God sees when He looks at her husband, and begin to send him love love love all day every day, remembering all of the many good times they had together.

After About 30 Days Her Husband Changed

It took about 30 days, but she stuck with it, and one day he came home from work and said, “I’ve been thinking about us, and I want us to find that feeling we used to have.  I love you and don’t want us to be apart.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy again.”

WOW!  I’m telling you, my friends, love can change the hardest heart!  THANK YOU GOD!

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