Achieving Wealth – Seek Inspiration From Others – Lesson 8

Achieving Wealth – Seek Inspiration From Others – Lesson 8 June 9, 2024


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Achieving Wealth – Seek Inspiration From Others!

Yes, to achieve wealth, you can seek inspiration from others! For instance, read something inspirational before completing your Gratitude Letter to God.  This could be a Daily Devotional, or whatever works for you.

I’m always reading one spiritual book or another.  Plus, I constantly go online and read about other peoples’ miracles.  And I am so grateful for the internet!  It has opened a whole new world for all of us!  We discover that we are not alone, that the problems we are suffering were overcome by others all over the world.

Fill Your Mind with Inspirational Stories!

Fill your mind with inspirational stories. Get on the internet and find out how other people have overcome their challenges. This is much better than sitting in front of the TV and watching programs that are not feeding you spiritually.

Before the internet, I have spent countless hours at bookstores, reading tons and tons of books on spirituality.  I love God, and talked to Him daily, but I couldn’t exactly say that my life was all I wanted it to be.  So, I was constantly searching for ways to improve it.

Look for Books that will Inspire You

Yes, visit a bookstore or browse through e-books online. On numerous occasions, I would be at a bookstore, browsing through books, and one would fall off and hit me on my foot.  As I bent over to pick it up, I always heard a voice say, “Kathy, you need to read this book.”

And this is how I was able to open myself up to some wonderful teachings.  These books falling on my feet guided me to some wonderful lessons and messages of hope.

On occasion, when I browsed through a book I thought might be worth reading, a voice would practically shout in my ear, “NO!  Do NOT read this book!”  And I would quickly put it down and move on!  I am so grateful for the Guidance I received!

Read About Near-Death Experiences

My friends, there is a whole world out there that you never imagined!  I love to read stories or watch videos of people who had Near-Death Experiences. or NDEs as they are called.  And the stories are so uplifting and take away the fear of dying.

I encourage you to read an article in Scientific American Magazine entitled “Lifting the Veil on Near-Death Experiences.”  The article states that “Near-death experiences have been reported across time and cultures. An astounding 5 to 10 percent of the general population is estimated to have memories of an NDE, including somewhere between 10 and 23 percent of cardiac arrest survivors.”

NDE Experiencers Say to Stop Living in Fear!

Almost all the people who experienced an NDE and came back from The Other Side to share what they experienced said the same thing: “You have NO IDEA how much you are loved!  The truth is that you waste so much time in unnecessary FEAR over stuff that MIGHT HAPPEN, and NEVER DOES!  You have so many Divine Gifts just waiting for you, but YOU MUST ACTIVATE THEM!”

To Achieve Wealth, Learn to Activate Your Miracle Mind!

To Achieve Wealth, you must learn to activate that Miracle Mind that God has given you!  This means that you must direct your thoughts CONSTANTLY to seeing your dreams fulfilled!  For instance, from the minute you wake up in the morning, until you lay your head on your pillow at night, your thoughts should be CONSUMED with fulfilling your desires.

Plus, BELIEVE that you can have the desires of your heart.  Therefore, the way to activate your Divine Gifts is to always be in a State of Gratitude“THANK YOU, GOD” is your password.

I encourage you to read stories of other people who were able to overcome major obstacles and, with commitment and dedication, see every one of their dreams come true.

You Can Achieve Wealth if You Unlock Your God-Given Power!

You have NO IDEA how powerful you are!  And reading or watching videos of others achieving amazing results opens you up to the possibility that just maybe YOU TOO can achieve all the Desires of Your Heart – You deserve it!

God gives each of you the same Divine Gifts.  He is in Partnership with you.  If you just spent 10 MINUTES A DAY concentrating on your desires, and GIVING THANKS, you would be amazed at the wonderful results! Make this statement each morning:  “I KNOW there is a way to achieve my goals, and I THANK YOU GOD for showing me the way!”  And if you truly believe you will receive them, you would see them manifested.  You do your job, and God will do His.  Ultimately, it’s up to you.

This Week’s Course of Action

  • Go to the internet and research inspirational stories of people who overcame major obstacles to achieve their dreams.
  • Read stories of people who had Near Death Experiences.  This will help Wake You Up to just how much you are loved.  It will allow you to let go of your fears, and accept that you have unlimited resources available to you.
  • Devote a specific time EACH DAY to work on your dreams.  Review your goals daily, and try to accomplish each goal in a timely manner.
  • When you accomplish one of your goals, CELEBRATE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT! 
  • Fill your thoughts daily with what your desire, giving THANKS TO GOD constantly that they are ALREADY HERE!
  • You can do this!  You are so much more POWERFUL than you think!

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