Achieving Wealth – Trust the Universe – Lesson 10

Achieving Wealth – Trust the Universe – Lesson 10 June 23, 2024

Achieving Wealth – Trust the Universe – Lesson 10/ Image courtesy of Bing Copyright-Free Images


Yes, to Achieve Wealth, Trust the Universe

To achieve wealth, stop thinking of all the reasons you CAN’T RECEIVE what you want.  Instead, just open yourself to allowing the Universe to deal with HOW it will come to you. Consequently, once you open yourself to all possibilities, giving thanks to God for fulling your desires, it will amaze you how many ways it can happen!  I encourage you to read a wonderful article written by Nanice Ellis, Contributing Writer for Wake Up World.  She shares ways to open up to trusting the Universe to help achieve your desires.

I was talking to a friend of mine who needed a new computer.  She listed all the reasons that she wasn’t going to get that new computer.  She said, 

  • “I don’t have the money.”
  • “I don’t see any way I can come up with the money.”
  • “I guess I’ll just have to live with this old computer a little while longer.”
  • “I’m just stuck with not performing my job at my best.”

 Accordingly, her Crew (her subconscious mind) replied to each of these statements, “Aye, Aye, Captain!”  In other words, her negative thoughts and words canceled out her desire for a new computer.

In Achieving Wealth, there is ALWAYS a Way!

My friends, there is ALWAYS a way to get what you want.  And guess what? YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW HOW IT WILL HAPPEN!  Your logical mind thinks, “I must have the money to buy the computer.” 

 These are limiting thoughts!  You don’t have to know HOW the Universe will bring your desires to you; you only need to BELIEVE that there is a way for it to happen. And then you let go – and allow the Universe to take over.

Blessings Don’t Have to Cost Anything!

In one of your earlier lessons on forgiveness, I shared the story of how I received a free truck. Now who in the world would have ever believed that they would actually receive a free truck!  Yet this really happened to me.

On another occasion when I needed to purchase a fax machine for my business when they first came out, I made this statement: “I KNOW there is a way for me to get a fax machine!  I THANK YOU GOD for bringing it to me right now!”

 A week later, I got a call from a former student who attended my mortgage training course.  When he took the course the previous year, he did not have the money to pay for it, so I told him he could owe me.  I never worried about whether I would ever get paid.  I just blessed and released him.

This man was calling to tell me that he had not forgotten my kindness.  While he still didn’t have the money to pay me, he did have a brand-new fax machine, still in the box (he assured me it was not stolen).  Would I be willing to accept it as payment for his class?

To Achieve Wealth and Prosperity You Don’t Always Need Money!

Wow!  Who says you need money to achieve wealth and prosperity!

I told my friend who needed a computer to make this statement: “I KNOW there is a way for me to get a new computer!  I THANK YOU GOD for showing me the way!”  I then explained that she now needed to take action.  First, she must start researching for the perfect computer.

She could go to computer stores and check out what they had to offer.  She needed to put the word out to her friends, co-workers, and family that she was looking for a decent computer.

I explained that if she first THANKED GOD and continued saying, “THANK YOU GOD” as she began her search, the Universe would now match her actions and bring her computer to her.

To Achieve Wealth, be Open to Possibilities!

My friend was skeptical, of course, and I explained the importance of getting her thoughts aligned with her words.  Otherwise, her “Crew” would cancel out her verbal command to go get that computer.  I called her several times over the next couple of weeks just to “keep her in the energy of gratitude,” and she jokingly started answering my questions with, “Yes, Mom!”

 About two weeks later, a co-worker at her office brought in his practically brand new laptop and told her that he was upgrading, and he had heard that she was looking for a new computer.  If she was interested in purchasing it, he thought that they could do some bargaining.  Would she be willing to teach him a particular skill she did so well at work that would improve his job performance, in exchange for the computer?

She Received the Computer She Wanted – For Free!

WOW!  The computer he brought in was EXACTLY the make and model she had been looking at!  She ended up with a practically brand-new computer without paying a penny for it!

Whatever it is that you desire, just give it to God!  Say the three magic words, “THANK YOU GOD,” and release it.  Don’t start wondering how it’s going to happen. Don’t start figuring out in your mind how it will come to you.  Just let go and let God.  It works every time!

This Week’s Course of Action

Let’s begin to get you into the energy of believing and receiving. So, in the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, the name of one of his wonderful books was, “You’ll See It When You Believe It.”

  • Think of something that you want. First make your statement: “I KNOW there is a way to receive this item!  I THANK YOU GOD for showing me the way!  I don’t have to know how I will receive it; I just acknowledge that it is here even as I speak!”
  • Do research on the item you desire.
  • Shop sites online that sell this item.
  • Visit stores that sell this item.
  • Let your friends, family, and co-workers know that you are looking for it.
  • Wake up every morning and THANK GOD that the item is HERE RIGHT NOW!
  • Be prepared to receive it! When you do, include your thanks in your Daily Gratitude Letter to God.



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