Achieving Wealth – Visualize Your Dreams – Lesson 12

Achieving Wealth – Visualize Your Dreams – Lesson 12 July 7, 2024

Achieving Wealth – Visualize Your Dreams – Lesson 12/Image Courtesy of Bing Copyright-Free Images

Achieving Wealth Means Visualizing Your Dreams!

One of the wonderful tools that I learned to use to manifest my dreams is Creative Visualization. It really works!  I’m a very visual person; others may be more into hearing than seeing.  So, this is probably why Creative Visualization is so successful for me.

Your thoughts are very powerful!  Your words and thoughts can manifest your dreams.  But if you also close your eyes and VISUALIZE your desire, you could see it manifested TWICE AS FAST!

Years ago I read the wonderful book by Shakti Gawain called Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life.  She explains that, “In creative visualization you use your imagination to create a clear image, idea, or feeling of something you wish to manifest.”  

Create a Vision Board to GET CLEAR on Your Dreams

I took a class years ago on how to create my Vision Board.  Each participant poured over glossy magazines, cutting out pictures that represented our hopes and dreams.  These included:

  • The perfect job
  • The perfect man or woman to share our life with
  • The perfect image of the body we wanted
  • The rewards of our success, which included great houses, cars, travel, entertainment

I know some people think doing a Vision Board is a waste of time, yet it’s quite effective.  There are two reasons this is effective:

  1. To create your Vision Board, you must GET CLEAR on what you actually want.
  2. Once you get clear and find the pictures that best represent your dreams, THOSE PICTURES ARE INGRAINED IN YOUR MIND. You can now actually Manifest Them once you can See them!

Creative Visualization Really Works!

I once attended a conference on professional speaking techniques.  One of the presenters made the statement that he thought motivational speakers were useless.  He said, “Anybody who tells a 400-pound woman that she can sit on her fat a** all day and visualize a perfect body is full of sh**t.”

While I understand where he is coming from, he missed the point of Creative Visualization.  If used properly, it is a wonderful tool to help you achieve your dreams. The mind is incredibly powerful.  And the simple act of this 400-pound woman consistently gazing at a picture of herself as she desires to look like is sending a command to her Subconscious Mind, your “Crew,” as I call them.

This woman’s “Crew” now responds with “Aye, Aye, Captain!” and they set about fulfilling her command.  This woman suddenly gets a craving for raw vegetables or nutritious foods.  She’s turned off to the snacks she normally devoured.  Suddenly she feels like going outdoors and taking a 30-minute walk each day.

Little by little, simply by gazing at that picture regularly and visualizing herself as looking like that, she actually fulfills her dream.  Of course, it could have been done twice as fast if she also committed to a regimen of diet and exercise, but everyone must start somewhere!

Be Careful What You Ask For!

My girlfriend who attended the class with me on creating a Vision Board pasted on her board the picture of a James Bond-type man in a tuxedo as her perfect man.  Sure enough, within the month, she met a man who looked very much like the man in her picture!

She was thrilled for about a month…and then realized that this man was an alcoholic.  She went back to her Vision Board and looked at the picture of her dream man and realized that he was holding an alcoholic beverage in his hand!  WOW!  The Universe is quite literal, isn’t it!

She removed that picture and, after careful consideration, plus asking Guidance to give her clarity on what she really wanted, she found the picture of the man she thought would embody her dream qualities.  Every day she put her hand on that picture and said,THANK YOU GOD for this wonderful man!” 

Sure enough, she met her dream man within 90 days, and they are still happily married more than 20 years later.

Creative Visualization Manifested My First House!

Back in my late 20s, when I was looking for my first home to purchase, I got so tired of looking.  Every weekend I drove around looking at houses.  When I found a house I liked, I couldn’t afford it.  When I found a house I could afford, I didn’t like the neighborhood.

Finally, one Sunday, when I once again returned from an unsuccessful day of searching, I decided to close my eyes and think about what the house that I wanted looked like.  I got a clear image of a small bungalow sitting on a corner lot with a big oak tree in the front yard.  In the dining room, I saw a big window where sunlight poured in, hitting the cut glass centerpiece on the dining room table.  I stated the maximum price I could afford, and I THANKED GOD for my perfect house and fell asleep seeing this house in my mind’s eye.

The VERY NEXT DAY a Realtor friend of mine told me about a listing he had just gotten that day!  He described the house and IT WAS MY HOUSE!  We drove over to look at it, and there was my house!  It sat on a corner lot and had a big oak tree in the front yard!  The window in the dining room was exactly what I had visualized!  And the price was less than what I stated.  I signed a sales contract on the spot!

Geez, I should have done my visualizing before spending months in my useless search!  Creative Visualization really works!

This Week’s Course of Action

Think about what it is you desire right now

  • The perfect job
  • The perfect man or woman to share your life with
  • The perfect image of the body you want
  • The rewards of your success, which include great houses, cars, travel, entertainment

Create your own Vision Board.  Purchase a large poster board and look through tons of magazines or go online and download PICTURES IN COLOR that represent your desires.

Cut and paste these pictures on your board and look at these pictures every day.  Place your Vision Board in a location that allows you to see it every day.  As you walk past it, put your hand on this board and say, THANK YOU GOD for all of my desires being met!”

If you consistently follow this plan, I guarantee you will see results sooner than you could possibly imagine!


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