10 TIPS FOR DADS September 10, 2012

Since we focused on moms last week, here are some tips for dads this week:

• YOU are the biggest influence in your son’s life—you are almost indispensable.

• Fathers have been endowed with a huge generational power/influence to impact people’s lives for good or evil (sometimes for hundreds of years) just by the things they do and don’t do or say or don’t say today.

• Boys learn how to be a man, a husband, and a father by observing male role models (good or bad ones).

• Boys learn self-respect and respect of others by being respected by their fathers and the respect they see him give others

• Character traits like nobility and honor are passed from father to son.

• Men and boys long to live lives of significance—they hunger for adventure.

• Your sons (and daughters) may be the only people in the world who want to love and respect you without your having to earn it first.

• You need to resolve any issues between you and your father, before you can grow to become the kind of father you want to be and that your children deserve.

• The greatest gift a man can give his children is to love their mother.

• Teach your son (or daughter) self-discipline by holding him accountable for his actions and decisions.


Find out more by purchasing Rick’s book, Better Dads—Stronger Sons: How fathers can guide boys to become men of character, by Revell Publishing.  For more information go to www.betterdads.net.


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