How work can heal you


If you’re at a crossroads, if you’re at a place in life where you wonder what the next step is, if you’re feeling like you’ve been struck by a van, sometimes the best thing to do is go to work. [Read more...]

God and The Walking Dead


Last Sunday night over 17 million people gathered around the glow of their TV screens to watch a mishmash of human characters scrape a survival out of a world overrun by the walking dead. The show is aptly titled, The Walking Dead. However, week after week, this zombie infested drama has proven to be less [Read More...]

Enjoy a sample chapter of FEAST FOR THIEVES


Come, enjoy the first chapter of FEAST FOR THIEVES, a fantastic novel everybody’s been talking about. [Read more...]

When Teens Are Addicted to Screens


Teens typically think their smartphone use is reasonable. Parents and teachers, however, think teen smartphone use is out of control! Who is right? That’s the question I just proposed in the brand new blog I’m writing to teenagers every week (the blog is being hosted by that amazing new Faith Happenings site, the new online [Read More...]

How to Avoid Killing Your Arguing Teen


It’s not like my kids want to brawl with me… they just want me to understand that they know EVERYTHING!!! Last month one of my daughters walked into the kitchen to find something to eat. “I bought some of those rolls you like for your sandwiches.” I offered. “Why would I want a sugary roll [Read More...]

The Shortest Distance between You and Achieving Your Dream

bob 1, cropped

I hope you have great dreams, big dreams, huge dreams. I hope you have a lot of them. And I hope they regularly get realized and crossed off your lists. That’s a sign that you’re living up to all your potential. That’s a sign you’re living an excellent life. [Read more...]

Are your 10 biggest life rocks in place?


Can you define what the biggest pieces of your life are, and have you worked to fit them into place? It’s not as hard as you might think. [Read more...]

The top 10 ways authors can be cooler. Starting with me.

Panorama, resized

Normally I write serious blog posts about serious stuff. But in the immortal words of Chuckles the Clown, sometimes what’s needed most is “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” [Read more...]