Marijuana Use Actually Declines?


Now that people in Colorado and Washington can smoke weed recreationally, marijuana use should be skyrocketing, right? After all, our kids can now argue that it’s not very harmful. “It’s even legal! What’s the big deal?” Surprise, surprise. Marijuana use has actually dropped a couple notches. I’m referring to University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future [Read More...]

I’m a little concerned right now … about your salvation and stuff


It’s not my job to convert anybody. And if you don’t believe what I believe, then I certainly won’t fill up a large bowl of water, sneak up behind you, and slam down your head. [Read more...]

Are you “Wasting Time” the best way?

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If we “waste” time today, will we “waste” it in helpful and productive ways? [Read more...]

Is Planned Parenthood Right?

teens in love

Planned Parenthood claims to have developed a sex education program cutting the number of sexually active eighth-graders by about 15 percent, which is something many attest to be “far better than abstinence-education programs have managed.” Are they right? About 10 days ago, my friends over at The Youth Culture Report asked me to write a [Read More...]

Surrounded by turkeys? Do you say something—or not?

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We’re bound to disagree with some folks. Just the same as some of them are bound to disagree with us. What do we do then? [Read more...]

3 Wise Ways to Think about Your Former Significant Others on Facebook

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How should we think about the people with whom we once had serious relationships? [Read more...]

The Secret to Quality Time with Your Kids


“Dad, do you have to work now, or can you just hang with me?” Let’s be honest. How often does a 17-year-old girl ask to hang out with Dad? Or let me ask a more important question: how often does Dad say “yes”? Well, when my daughter Ashley asked m this question this week, all [Read More...]

How work can heal you


If you’re at a crossroads, if you’re at a place in life where you wonder what the next step is, if you’re feeling like you’ve been struck by a van, sometimes the best thing to do is go to work. [Read more...]