Why All Husbands Should Read Fields’ New Book

Why All Husbands Should Read Fields’ New Book June 19, 2014

Most men don’t read books on marital advice. In fact, the only way they’ll usually pick something up is if they think it will get them more sex.

That’s probably why so many men are reading Doug Fields brand new, 7 Ways to be Her Hero.

The book has barely been on the shelves two weeks and men are beginning to hear the buzz. It’s not your normal marriage book. It’s candid, it’s direct… and it’s in a language men understand. I just finished it and I can’t help but think, this is the exact kind of forthright marriage advice today’s men need to hear.

Speaking frankly, I’m just not that excited about marriage books. Many of them just don’t seem to provide anything new. But Doug has a history of providing a unique insight into daily life, and he always makes me laugh in the process. Besides, at one time the working title of this book was How Not to Suck as a Husband… so when I first heard bout this book I was eagerly awaiting its release.

It released about a week ago and I used my Amazon Prime to get the paperback in just two days (I’m not a Kindle guy or I would have grabbed the $2.99 deal they had going). Last Saturday I opened the book and I literally read about two thirds of it in one sitting. I had to go, so I posted a quick Tweet about something Doug made me feel guilty about… and picked it up the next day and finished it.

I loved this book.

  • It’s refreshingly direct… dare I say “blunt.” Doug has never been one to hold back, and he doesn’t with this book. He tells men exactly what they need to hear. Actually… what I needed to hear.
  • It’s funny. Doug constantly exposes many of the quirks and idiosyncrasies any married couple would identify with today and pokes at them.
  • But his humor is usually followed by heart. He constantly made me think about my attitudes and behaviors in my marriage.
  • His advice is always followed by real life examples. When Doug advises us how to encourage our wife, he gives us several ways to do it (usually with one hilarious example).

Doug’s real-life application is extremely helpful in this book. Personally, I found his sections about “don’t say everything you think” very applicable, with examples of what to say instead. His section on sharing feelings was helpful as well, using “feeling” language instead of “thinking” language.

We know many men aren’t always great readers, so if they’re the type who won’t crack a book, this book is perfect for a men’s group to read a chapter or two at a time, then meet and talk about it each week. (Let’s face it… accountability is great for men.)

Pick up a copy of this one today.

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